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    Sheik : ISTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Gingras View Post
    Sheik : ISTP
    prototypically so

    which makes one wonder of princess zelda's true self...

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    Aonuma is a strong sensing type, and he's also nowhere as in charge as people assume he is, but he otherwise lacks the creative vision and imagination to be continually successful in his position, the kind which made Zelda so magical and full of rich character to begin with. Familiarity is something people identify with, but I would say that Twilight Princess was more similar in atmosphere to a typical Americanized style of adventure game than a deeply imaginative, unique Zelda-type of game. All the unique accentuations were more or less "carried over" from previous games. He likes to put his stamp of approval on overly primitive mechanics, demonstrating that his style of production has no real bearing on Zelda nowadays as a movingly effective experience. Everything about new Zelda is just kind of recycled filler, as the whole of creative industries, such as art, politics, and music, has compelled these detailed sensing types to meticulously appeal to the public before-hand, instead of allowing any kind of imaginative visionary to appeal as a co-author to a source of our happiness. Nothing successful is made out of a personal vision anymore, that is why they have a team like Aonuma's to cook the books and put smiles on everyone's faces, so to speak. If we were judging games fairly based on everyone's artistic merit to mass produce, these new Zelda games wouldn't even be funded anymore. But because of this money-grubbing expansion, newness is nothing but a facade and everyone's buying tickets.

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