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If you'd actually read my post, I didn't say Lady Gaga or anyone else was deep. I said being an N doesn't equate to being deep. Then I went on to say that feelings are abstract but that some artists like to convey those feelings in a more tangible way by using spectacle and such.

Ok I am sorry, but I was also thinking of the OP saying sensors were less complex and less deep, then turned around and typed Gaga as INFJ....I doubt very seriously she'd be so comfortable with Se if she was Se inferior. Only an ENFJ might play with image to that absurdly histrionic degree, an INFJ would be more subtle about it, like Florence from Florence and the Machine, or Tori Amos. I am not arguing that INFJ is more natural, but that their Se is softened by its inferior position and ALWAYS in service to Ni unless they are very old and balanced. That's why I also balk at people calling Lana del Rey and her continually shifting image self INFJ...Se is much too crucial to her entire package and creative process, even in the subject matter she delves into with Ni seems largely visceral, tangible, experiential or pop culture history based. That and she's so Fi it hurts. I actually saw one detractor say "why just why she's like a stalker without her meds"...no Fe tact there. She said in a recent interview that she makes music entirely for herself.

It was Keirsey who messed this all up, you know. Jung attributed "depth" to introverts and "breadth" to extroverts.