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    Naruto: his main judging function is Fe (cause he is all about mediating between everibody till he can reach a middle ground everyone is happy with and thus create peace), he is extroverted and since there is no way in hell that he is an SJ and he is obstinate as hell (and in my experience obstination= Ni) that makes him an ENFJ

    Sasuke: his main judging function is Te (cause he is the poster child of "the end justifies the means"), he is introverted and since he is also obstinate as hell that makes him an INTJ

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    Sasuke Uchiha: INTJ or ISFP? (or something between like INFJ or ISTP) There is some big fight on personality-database (website where people vote the type they think severak characters and people are) and I have no opinion. Its like Saske (I never got the 'u' in Sasuke, it should be Saske) is IXXX.
    Thoughts and why?

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