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Thread: True Grit

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    Default True Grit

    Mattie - ESTJ/E1

    Rooster - ESTP/E8

    LeBeouf - xSxJ/E6

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    I think we've had the discussion here before somewhere... but if it was a different forum, the most inspired read I saw on LeBeouf was ISFJ.

    ISFJ women are a dime a dozen but ISFJ males rarely show up in movies; I think we can definitely see the difference between Mattie's STJ approach, and LeBeouf's softer and gentler style (more focused on the relationships) and his primary trait is loyalty/carrying out his promises. But we can get an idea of how masculine psychology might play out through an ISFJ approach.

    My biggest issue with Mattie being ESTJ at her age is that she's got an extremely deep core at her age, and typically introverts start within their inner worlds like that, while extroverts tend to develop it later. Te with the extroverts seems more directive and less moralistic than Te being expressed as a secondary. (Mattie seems to use Te as a way to realign her outer world to match what her inner thinks it SHOULD be.) For ESTJs, Te is an end in itself.

    Rooster is probably the clearest one to read (as ESTP) in the movie.
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