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    I took the new personality test the South Park creators recently put up in honor of the 23rd seasons several times, partially out of boredom and partially out of curiosity and intrigue as to what the different characters personalities were truly like. My personal results were Scott Malkinson by an overwhelming amount, by the way. Based upon what I observed from the SPandme test, here is what I believe some of the characters’ true personality types to be:

    Stan- ISFP 9w8
    Kyle-ENFJ 1w2
    Kenny- ISFP 6w7
    Cartman- ESTP 8w7
    Heidi- ESFJ 3w2
    Wendy- INFJ 3w4
    Scott Malkinson- INFP or ENFP 6w7
    Pip-ISFJ 9w1
    Rebecca Cotswolds- INFP or INFJ 6w5
    Kevin Stoley- INTP 9w1
    Red- ESTP 7w8
    Nichole- ISFJ 2w1
    Token- ISTJ? 3w4
    Clyde- ESFJ 6w7
    Millie Larson- ESFP 7w6
    Lisa Berger- ISFJ? 9w1
    Sharon- ISFJ 9w1
    Chef-ENFJ 2w3
    Mr. Mackey- ISFP 9w1
    Scott Tenorman- ENTP 7w8
    Pete Thelman- INFP 4w5
    Dougie- INTP or INFP 6w5
    Butters- ISFJ 2w1
    Bradley Biggle- ESFJ 2w3
    Randy- ENFP 7w6
    Kyle Schwartz- ISTJ 1w9
    Craig- ISTJ 1w9
    Tweak- ENFP 6w5
    Jimmy- ENTP 7w6
    Ike Broflovski- INTP 5w6
    Sheila- ESTJ 1w2
    Gerald- ENTP 6w7
    Karen MCCormick- INFP 9w1
    Kip Drordy- ENFP 6w7
    Bebe Stevens-ESFP 2w3?
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    Winnie the Pooh finally got what was coming to him.
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