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    I dont know any NFs that rude.

    Watch his interviews. Theyre all over youtube. He's quite impersonal. Intellectual Arrogance. Very rude to reporters. As if they arent "up to par" to be interviewing him. That's how some NTs are at times.

    The NF qualities come from being sx/soc subtype. ENTP is the most NF-like NT. Heck I even thought I was an ENFP for awhile. But no.

    ENFPs dont say the wild things we do. and if they do, they probably dont mean it.

    -2Pac switched his personality alot. He would go from ruthless, heartless and going for someones juggular(another NT trait) to being a Saint who's innocent saying everyone else is to blame for his behavior (tertiary Fe of the ENTP)

    -He renamed himself Makavelli, due to his admiration of Niccolo Machievelli. Hmmm what types trademark is being known as Machiavellian? ENTPs!

    -In many interviews he clearly says: "It's just business, nothing personal"... "All I want is the money". Thinker traits.

    YouTube - 2Pac Spitting At Repporters
    You seriously telling me this guy is an NF? A feeler? No way in hell. The narrorator even says "everyone knows there was 2 sides to 2Pac". Exactly like ENTPs. Check out the thread "ENTPs: To hug or to hit?" for more on that.

    YouTube - 2pac Interview about definition Thug Life and Big Mouth
    Watch the 1:39 point to the finish. ENTPs have huge mouths. Talk alot of sh**. We can't help it. I dont know any ENFPs like that. NFs are co-operators. NTs care less about rules than any other type. NTs are utilitarian.

    YouTube - 2-Pac - Out On Bail Live (94')
    Cant see a Feeler putting on this type of performance. Cant see an NF just not giving a damn. Watch how he just walks off stage, very impersonal. No "thank you for coming out" like Feelers would say. Just does his show and gets the hell out of there. Doesnt waste words (another NT trait).

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    he's not spaced out at all, he's distracted by interesting goings on around him, like anyone would be, I'd have thought...
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