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Thread: Voyager/DS9

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    Default Voyager/DS9

    I wasn't sure about a lot of these. And, I don't know if this has been done before. But I wasted a good amount of time, so I don't regret it. Tralalalala...

    Janeway: ESTJ?
    Chakotay: He's.. too boring to type.
    Harry Kim: ISFJ The writers must have really hated this guy.
    Tom: ESTP
    Bellana: ESTJ
    Kes: ISFP? All I really remember about her is the strangely rapid hair growth.
    Neelix: ESFP
    The Doctor: ENTJ?
    Seven of Nine: INTJ I was disappointed she and the Doctor never hooked up.
    Tuvok: ISTJ? INTJ?
    Barclay: INTP? I wish someone had accidentally called him Broccoli on Voyager too.

    Deep Space Nine
    Sisko: ISTJ?
    Kira: ENFJ
    Jadzia: ESFJ
    Bashir: ENFP
    Garak: ENTP
    Odo: ISTJ? INTJ?
    Quark: E.. something.
    Rom: ISFP The best television character of all time.
    Leeta: ESFP
    Ezri: Does anyone care...?
    Jake: INFP I really liked him. It's good they avoided another Wesley. But I also liked laughing at Wesley's sweaters so...
    Nog: INTJ maybe. Because I want there to be an INTJ ferengi.
    Damar: ISTJ?
    Weyoun: EN something. How many times did he die? He really creeped me out.
    Dukat: ENTJ The best Star Trek villain, if you pretend the last season doesn't exist.. and maybe ignore that scene with the stick.
    Ziyal: ISFJ or INFJ I found it really funny that Dukat and Kira were like her divorced parents who had to tolerate each other for her art shows.
    Worf: ISTJ
    O'Brien: ESTJ?
    Keiko: ESFJ
    Kai Winn: ISFJ? I cannot describe how much I hated her.

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    Love DS9

    Sisko.. seemed a bit melodramatic for ISTJ (although that's partly the actor too)
    Jadzia struck me as ESTP. Despite being hundreds of years old, she just had this impulsive, action oriented, swagger about her.
    Bashir- agree on ENFP
    Nog- ESFP, I think. Too impulsive, passionate, and little foresight for INTJ. He was always getting Jake in trouble
    Weyoun- Well, I'll have to agree with Lenore Thomson here. She used him as an example of the opposite of "Fi". The Vorta had no personal convictions whatsoever.
    Dukat is definitely the best Trek villain. I agree on ENTJ
    O'brien ISTP


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    Janeway: enfp - Sisko: Entj, Garak Entp, Tom Paris: entp, Harry: intp 7of9: hot !

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