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    Default Calvin Helin: INFJ? Psychopath? Aboriginal activist, author, and lawyer.

    Calvin Helin is a lawyer, has a black belt in karate and is a part-time instructor of karate for disadvantaged children. He is the author of a few books. He says that he got caught up in just chasing after money as a lawyer, but then, if I remember correctly, he had a dream about his grandmother which he took to mean that he had a higher calling and that he needed to try to make a difference in this world. So he is now trying to save his people. That's very INFJ.

    On the other hand, I've read that psychopaths often become lawyers because they are attracted to the power and money. Also, I've read that narcissists often have personal websites:

    This website has his face as his icon in the address bar:

    You can see videos of him here:

    He seems very soft-spoken in all the videos I've watched so far, and in some of the videos he doesn't make much eye-contact with the interviewer. Perhaps he is shy? INFJs are notorious for having social anxiety disorder/avoidant personality disorder. He sure blinks a lot.

    INFJs are also notorious for being activists and wanting to change the world for the better.

    The following two quotes are from written by Dr. Taiaiake Alfred:

    "Calvin Helin, a cheerleader for corporate resource extraction and cultural assimilation"

    "As for Helin, his “book” was rejected 32 times by reputable publishers before he self-published it and began a marketing campaign to sell himself as a corporate consultant advocating the wholesale abandonment of traditional values in favour of reconstructing Indigenous culture to accommodate market capitalism and the need for industrial development of Indigenous lands."

    I think it's doubtful though that Helin is a psychopath because although he has acquired more fame with his book marketing, he probably would have earned way more money by just sticking to lawyering gigs rather than book sales and speaking events. He also has a wife with whom he's been with for a long time and four kids I think. I know Sam Vaknin was/is with his wife for 10+ years, but he doesn't parent any children, as far as I know.

    My guess is INFJ rather than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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    I think psychopaths would be way more common than the estimated one percent of the population if the only qualifications were a desire for wealth and power.

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