Frances Widdowson has a PhD in political science and self-identifies as a Marxist. Her husband is her co-author of their book "Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry:The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation". You can watch a video of her here:

In this "post-show discussion" video, watch from 13:33 to 15:29. It makes me think she's INTJ because of the anti-religion stance, and the host perceiving her as arrogant/offensive:

At 14:37 the audience Ooooo's as she smiles to herself after recommending aboriginal people read Richard Dawkin's book. Then the host ask her, "Do you worry that you are making it in a bit of a[n] arrogant slash offensive fashion? I'm just asking."

INTJs are known for being hated by other people, and I've heard of at least one INTJ saying they hate political correctness. Widdowson says "We need to have some truth-talking and if it offends people, well that's the lesser of the evils.". INTJs are practical and results-oriented, no? (I would think this is more of an S-trait but I can see it as a J- and T- trait as well.)

You can find more video and audio interviews here: