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    I'm not sure I 'try' to act like any other type, irl. I do think I can adapt to situations/people, but I don't see that as me 'taking on' another type; also, I'm pretty sure I still come across in my own way (ie if I think I'm adapting to a corporate TJ environment my flavor of that is still going to come off way different than an actual TJ, if that makes sense).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    1) what type do you try to look like?
    2) why do you try to look like this type?
    3) what qualities of this type to you admire?
    4) what qualities of your own personality do you wish were more like this type?

    for me:
    I try to look like an INFP 9w1. I would love to be more
    - feminine
    - innocent
    - sensitive
    - sweet
    - docile
    - delicate
    - charming and suave
    - beautiful

    but alas, I am none of these things. I'm a a choleric, flamboyant, outspoken and spitfiery ENFP 8w9. this is becoming more and more apparent the older I get and sometimes I wish that I was a different. as a child, I always imagined my older self being more like a prince or a nobleman, but instead I'm turning into a more virile, firebrand, pushy entrepreneur type that most would consider extremely masculine and gritty.

    This is rather ironic as a guy. I have a number of qualities that are widely admired and respected as ideal masculine qualities, but to me, the feminine, the artistic and the pure are so much more appealing. While I prize my confidence and inner strength, masculine qualities as a whole are so unsavory to me. feminine qualities are so much more pleasant and enjoyable. I've always envied those who were graceful and beautiful.
    I'm an ENFP guy, Enneagram 7w6. Perhaps this combo leads me to appear more feminine and soft?? I could definitely use more masculine traits here and there like being more confident in myself and in my abilities. Not sure I would want to be anything other than an ENFP though, I think I just love the type too much Well...ok, I'd be interested in trying out an ENTP type here and there. The more methodical and objective version of an ENFP in my eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    I'm not sure I 'try' to act like any other type, irl. I do think I can adapt to situations/people, but I don't see that as me 'taking on' another type; also, I'm pretty sure I still come across in my own way (ie if I think I'm adapting to a corporate TJ environment my flavor of that is still going to come off way different than an actual TJ, if that makes sense).
    My perspective is similar to the highlighted. I will adjust my behavior to respond to circumstances at times in such a way that I probably come across as other types. The biggest ones for me are ENTJ, when I have to run meetings or give presentations; and ENTP, for some of my educational outreach activity (combination of Ne "let's try this" and as much Fe "charm" as a Fe-challenged INTJ can muster). Both take a great deal of energy, but are fun while they last.

    I have read that, because of our ability to do this, assessing type via behavior is going to yield someone's apparent type in that circumstance, which may not be their base inherent type.
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    1) I try to look like ESTJ and other xxTJ types
    2) Because I admire them My weakness is their strength, and they have what I lacked.
    3) Their efficiency, their logical and rational ways of making decisions as well as their ability to remain calm in all situations.
    4) I wish I can be as level-headed as them, I wish I have the same ability as them to stay calm and not panic during emergency situations. I wish I can be as rational as them, instead of always making decisions via my emotions.

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    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    Did you just single-handedly make me nostalgic about the early 2000s? How does that even...?
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    INTP 5w4, INFJ 2w1, ISFP 9w1, or ENFJ 2w3.
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    I admire the ExTJ's leadership skills, their organization and ability to get things done. I try my best to act like one especially since I'm in school, but I'm actually pretty satisfied with my own type.
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    When I was 16-17 I went through a stage of wanting to present myself as a manic pixie dream girl. I wanted everyone to notice me and be drawn to me. I wanted to be spontaneous and never embarrassed and wild and cute. I wanted to be extroverted, oriented to the outside world and other people, less internal. I tried to explore this "side" of myself online, where I could control others' perception of me. I fought my own nature every step of the way, with pretty disastrous and embarrassing results. I guess I was trying to be an ESFP or ENFP.

    When I was 18-19, and floating around in the real world hoping to find companionship, I tried to present myself more like an INFP, whimsical, less logical/empirical, quiet and delicate, projecting an aura of an emotionally intense inner world. This conception was also pretty manic pixie. I think having a really confused mentality about who I was, my strengths, and my values, are part of what got me into an extremely screwed up situation. I was preyed on by a sociopath, who probably recognised my insecurities immediately.

    Now I'm pretty content with being an INTJ, although part of me wishes I could be a badass ENTJ sometimes, a la Jack Donaghy, a lot more assertive and less self-conscious. But again, this is more about how I'd like to be seen by others, I think. At my core, I wouldn't want to be any different.
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