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    Default "Lost" characters

    Anyone else want to join in on the character talk, go ahead.

    ESTJ - Jack, Frank, Pickett - Jack's an emotional guy, but his primary is still Te. Logical and objective in his environment as a leader.

    ESTP - Kate - I think ESTP females are often stereotyped as trashy, shallow kind of girls, but Kate is still an ESTP, just not a stereotypical one. Caring and values genuineness, but her hurtful acts towards others is her way of evading capture. She may be emotional, but she's still a logical and objective headstrong T, an ESTP promoter. She cries a lot because of her problems in life - which would hurt any T.
    She may also like having a quiet life, but she is not an introvert, her energy is driven outwards, not forced inwards.

    ESFJ - Sawyer, AnaLucia, Alex - Sawyer is unhealthy. He appears very T, but he's an unhealthy F, protecting himself with a "shell" so he doesn't emotionally attach to anyone, so he pushes them out by acting like a T, but he's very much an F - his feelings are what drives him to do what he does. "Me against the world."
    Ana's feelings are also what drove her to all that aggravation and in-your-face attitude.

    ESFP - Charlie, Hurley, Shannon, Nikki, Cassidy

    INTP - Ben, Locke, Faraday - I really felt for Ben when he was beat up by Jack. I know what it's like to be an INxx type and physical ability is not one of our fortunes

    INTJ - Rousseau, Patchy

    INFP - Boone

    INFJ - Desmond, Eko

    ENFP - Claire, Juliet, Annie

    ENTJ - Miles

    ISTP - Sayid

    ISFP - Sun, Libby?

    ISTJ - Jin

    ISFJ - Michael?

    Naomi and Mr. Friendly - ExxP?

    The rest of the characters aren't shown thorough enough so I can't type them. In the meantime, new characters are introduced almost regularly, so maybe this thread could keep going for awhile.
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    I'm sure that Ben is INTJ. He is very goal oriented and does everything to get what he wants. Doesn't sound like INTP to me....

    About the other characters, i don't care much. Ben is the one who fascinates me.

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    Mah attempts from board, I'm pretty sure about most of them, except for Sayid... also the P/J in Ben is kinda tricky

    Jack - ESFJ (Obviously, wants to help people, interacts and jokes in a typical Fe way. Believes science much more than Locke's magic shit. I know, who wouldn't, but the evidence is too massive to be looked over and he doesn't even consider it.)

    Sawyer - ISTP (Possibly E, but he's much more of a loner who thinks most of his cons and plans through, he doesn't really have that much of a need for company an ESTP would. The rest is pretty obvious.)

    Hurley - ISFP (Now that I think about it, he's not that much of an open talker, doesn't like too much attention, he's kinda serious at times, strikes me much more as Fi than Se.)

    Claire - ISFP (Most of the Fe i saw was actually motherhood, I can't really explain this one, I just don't see the Si and see too much of the Fi.)

    Kate - ISFP (The way she constantly ignores what Jack tells her to do and does thing her own way, the way she takes the situation in her own hands makes me pretty sure she's I_SP, and I assume an ISTP wouldn't be so trusting and show her feelings so much... not that she does any of that, but we're talking ISTP vs. ISFP here. In short, she's way too emotional to be ISTP.)

    Sayid - INTJ (Naturally a gentleman, but can get very cold if required... smart in a Te way, plus I'm pretty sure he's introverted, dunno about the Ni, I just don't see him as Si)

    Ben - INTJ (J/P is always the easiest, but not this time... he's the ultimate bad guy version of an INTx, always having something up his sleeve, lying to masses, while his enemies can never be sure what he does next... I just can't decide whether it's Ni/Te or Ti/Ne, J/P themselves don't help either, he's got qualities of them both. I'm leaning towards J, and I can't explain why, I hope someone can type him better)

    Locke - INTJ (He used to act so 9-ish, an all-kowing guru always looking down on the other survivors, who are yet to understand nothing really matters. Now he's much more realistic, not sharing his plans with anyone, even if it's just because he doesn't have any, that's very INTJ according to my experience. T, no question, Te is even better.)
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    You know, I was just going to start a thread for this, but it looks like someone already did Yay!

    I agree that Ben is INTJ. Although, that is kind of scary to me because I have a friend IRL named Ben who is also INTJ, only he is nice and not evil like the Ben on Lost. Haha.

    Now for the other characters, in my opinion at least:

    Kate - IxFP. Dominant Fi is obvious, and she is a loner. S/N is somewhere in the middle from what I can see, as she seems more of an abstract thinker but is very good at physical things like climbing trees, etc.

    Jack - ESxJ. He's "solid" in the SJ type of way, and he's too much of an alpha male to be an introvert. T/F is too hard to tell, as I can see him somewhat in the middle.

    Claire - Insanely high F type. I don't see any T at all in her, haha. I'm not certain what I think her type is, but ISFP fits.

    Sawyer - ENFP. He jokes with everyone, comes up with creative nicknames that an N type would think of.

    Sayid - xNxJ. Ni with all his intuitions constantly being right. The rest I can't really tell because typing cross-culturally is tricky.

    Hurley - ISFP. He's shy with women, and he's not N. He also has the laid-back quality typical of many FP types I know.

    Locke - ISFP. He's impulsive, good with hands-on things in nature.

    Alex - ENTJ perhaps? She seems very much an atypical female, in a good way. She's also very clever and spirited.

    Desmond - INFx fits.

    Ana Lucia - ESTJ. She's the tough girl, alpha female type.

    Charlie - IxFP. Laid-back musician type, reminds me a bit of my INFP brother.
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    Default "Lost" characters MB/Enneagram types list

    Feel free to dispute any of these or add types of other characters.

    Ben Linus: INTJ, 5/6w. A classic control freak/observer/sociopathic mastermind.

    John Locke: INTJ, 5/6w. I

    [Merged Threads]
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    I agree with Ben. (and he is a pretty classic case.)

    John, I don't. Definitely not an INTJ.
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    It cut off most of my post. I had other character types and the explanatin of why I think Locke is an INTJ rather than an INTP. In short, his primary function seems to be IN (e.g., his desire to form a mystical union with the Island), not IT, which is about logic, analysis, etc. Plus there

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    i've watched most of the first season and locke seems a lot like an INFJ to me. anyone think that?

    jack seems like an ESTJ (maybe I)

    sawyer feels ENTJ to me, though i could see P. i think ENTJ makes a lot of sense cause he seems pretty Ni, but extraverted.

    claire ISFJ maybe.

    kate ENFJ?

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    Locke- INTP (he is never planned, he just follows his N and sees where it takes him)
    Ben- INTJ
    Sayid- ENTJ
    Kate- ISFP
    Sawyer- ENFP
    Faraday- INTP
    Miles- INTP
    Widdmore- I/ENTJ
    Hurley-ESFP (I don't see how he is an I, he's the most talkative on the island)

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    Time to dig up Lost again, what do you say? This list was my first ill-fated attempt to post here, and most of it got clipped.

    Jack ENTJ (ESFJ? No way, Jose)
    Sayid ENTJ
    Sawyer ENTP
    Kate ISFP

    Juliet INTP (Did I see her as INFJ someplace here? That’s way off; she’s definitely Ti dom, very cool and self-possessed under pressure; also has a condescending Ti-ish air at times)

    Locke INTJ
    Ben INTJ
    Hurley ISFP
    Michael ISFP
    Walt INFJ
    Vincent the dog ENFP
    Charlie ISFP
    Desmond INFP
    Penny ENFJ
    Boone INTP
    Shannon ESFJ
    Clare INFP
    Alex ENFJ
    French Chick INTJ
    Ecko INFJ
    Patcheye INTJ

    Faraday INTP (love this guy; the creators of this incredible series have reached for the stars on so many levels, but it’s the characters more than anything that get them there).

    Miles “the Ghostbuster” ENTP (knows how to bug the shit out of people)

    Charlotte “CS Lewis” ENTJ

    Martin Keamie ESTP (just the guy for those who don’t think Jack is “manly” enough, as I read someplace on another thread by some hairy sack here)

    Charles Whidmore ENTJ
    Smoke Monster ISTJ
    "Space was big, and the boys from Earth were awed despite themselves by the things they found there: but worse, their science was in a mess. Every race they met on their way through the Core had a star drive based on a different theory. All those theories worked, even when they ruled out one another’s basic assumptions. You could travel between the stars, it began to seem, by assuming anything.”

    —M. John Harrison, “Light”

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