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Most games are social activities. I don't mean just video games either, but games in general. That makes them more likely to attract E's. I can see single player games being more appealing to I's in general, but speaking from personal experience I've never met an introvert that loved games as much as I do. I have on the other hand met introverts that were much more obsessed with a single game than I could ever be, but given the opportunity I'd play games at least as often as the most obsessed introvert. I'd just vary what the game is after a while.

In short ENTP's love games in general, but introverts are more likely to pick one game to become obsessed with.
I see your point as I get "social" needs met through them as I said. I didn't think about it that way with "Es". But I can't agree with the getting into one game as an "I" myself. I started with PC games like Ultima (when it started) and adventures like Myst... then went on the Playstation and RPGs. That's, admittedly, alota years but between the two, I have around 200/250plus tons of other kinds of PC games and frequent Giveawayoftheday which I'm not even counting. I do understand getting obsessed though as some rpg's can be very engrossing.... if they're good, they're supposed to be so.