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    Default The Sun Also Rises

    Jake: ISFP
    Mike: ESTP
    Bill: ISFJ
    Cohn: INFJ
    Brett: ????
    4w5 sp

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    Jake - ISTP
    Mike - ESTP
    Bill - xSFJ
    Cohn - INFP
    Brett - ExFP (probably ENFP, she seems to unconventional to be an ESFP)

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    Jake is an introvert, his dynamic with Brett to me proves this. He has a private intense dynamic with individuals as compared to the many. It makes me think introvert.
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    This is a tough story to parse because of its setting--immediately following "The Great War," the prevailing attitude of expatriates in Europe was "live for the moment" (very S), for a young death was a very real and present danger to all of them as they all had recent memories of their own friends, patients, and lovers having died in the war.

    Given that the story features "love relationships" so prominently, I think Gulenko's romantic styles coupled with Reinin dichotomies and Quadra values might be the most expedient and efficient way to get at the nature of these characters.

    As a reminder, consider the following:

    Gulenko's romance styles are defined by the irrational element in the individual's Ego functions:

    Aggressor: Se in EGO block: SLE, LSI, SEE, ESI
    Victim: Ni in EGO block: EIE, IEI, LIE, ILI
    Caring: Si in EGO block: ESE, SEI, LSE, SLI (I prefer the term "Nurturer" for this style.)
    Childlike: Ne in EGO block: ILE, LII, EII, IEE (I prefer the term "Infantile" for this style.)

    "Romance styles" refer specifically to romantic/sexual interaction -- displaying physical attraction, interest, and desire, flirting, and sexual behavior present in romantic relationships. These styles apply much less to relationships between friends or business partners. Bolded comment added by @Kheledon.

    Socionics - - Socionics Romancing Styles
    Thus, I'd say this:

    Jake: victim (wants a bevy of women throwing themselves at him, including a prostitute, if need be--the problem is his impotence) meaning either of these EIE, IEI, LIE, ILI.
    Mike: infantile (wants a caregiver)
    Bill: tough call, but I lean toward nurturer--that's certainly how he treats Jake, even if they're not romantically involved.
    Cohn: infantile (wants a caregiver--he goes back to his wife in the end when he decides she's the caregiver he needed all along--he bores Brett because he's no challenge).
    Brett: aggressor lots of Se--she gets what she wants when she wants it.

    As for the quadrant of each, I'd say this:

    Jake: decisive (feels relaxation but in a constant state of readiness) making him Beta or Gamma; positivist (maximize the "good") making him either ILE, ESE, LSI, IEI, LIE, SEE, EII, or SLI; result/involutionary/leftist (sees himself as "outside" the process--specifically, Brett's love life) making him either ESE, LII, SLE, IEI, LIE, ESI, IEE or SLI. IEI is the only type that meets all of these criteria.
    Mike: aristocratic (either Beta or Delta), judicious (usually relaxed but feels stress--eliminates Beta), positivist (maximizes the good, and typically bad with money). Definitely a "slips through the cracks and avoids confrontation person--i.e. avoiding his creditors--this makes him p). That cuts us down to IEE and SLI (the two irrational Deltas). Of the two, IEE is the one that's bad with money, and, thus, I say IEE. IEE also has the infantile erotic attitude I predicted above.
    Bill: Hard to read. Aristocratic, I think, either Beta or Delta. Judicious, i.e. Delta. Introverted. Definitely a p (non-confrontational and go-with-the flow). That's SLI. SLI also has the "caregiver" erotic attitude I predicted above.
    Cohn: Aristocratic and judicious (Delta is the only possibility), easily bored, confrontational (boxer), but one who wants what he wants, although he's looking for a caregiver (his erotic style is infantile, I think). EII, INFj is the only possibility.
    Brett: Gamma--out for personal power (over men) showing little concern for the collective--essentially democratic, decisive, static (EP), and a positivist (maximize the good). She's an "employer" type of aggressor--a bit of a "user" (as described by Gulenko), leaving the only options SEE (ESFp) and ESI (ISFj). She likes to be the physical center of attention, so, I say SEE (ESFp). Stereotypically, they'll shag anybody--including Mike.

    So, I say:

    Jake: IEI, INFp, Beta
    Mike: IEE, ENFp, Delta
    Bill: SLI, ISTp, Delta
    Cohn: EII, INFj, Delta
    Brett: SEE, ESFp, Gamma

    Hard to type fictional characters, as they're not real, but, presumably, this book was based off of real people. I think they're typeable, in any event.
    M/B Functional Stack: Dominant--Fe, Auxilliary--Ni, Tertiary--Se, Inferior--Ti
    Ego (Jungian): FeNi
    Socionics: EIE-Fe, Beta
    Socionics Functional Stack: Program--Fe, Creative--Ni, Role--Te, PoLR--Si
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    Alignment: Lawful Good
    House: Slytherin (the "ethical teacher" type, i.e. Severus Snape)
    Color Code: Blue (intimacy-driven)
    Soul Type: Educator

    Sentio ergo sum.
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