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    Smile Famous WWE Wrestlers

    Here is my list off the top of my head for now, and I'd value responses and whatever

    Bret Hart-ESFP
    Stone Cold Steve Austin-ISTP
    Ultimate Warrior-ESTP
    Andre the Giant-ENTP
    Hulk Hogan-ESFJ
    Vince Mc Mahon-ESTJ
    Iron Sheik-ESFJ
    Ted DiBiase-ENFJ
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan-ESFP
    Shawn Michaels-ESTP
    Undertaker-ISTP 100%
    Big Show-ESFJ
    Fit Finlay-ISTJ
    Jon Cena-ENFP

    That's all I can think of now, please rate and expand!!!

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    I'm probably the only other person here who watches wrestling. The business side of it is interesting. Most are 2-dimensional since that's typically how pro-wrestling works. How about some of the more recent line-up in the company (Kayfabe/in their gimmick):

    CM Punk: ESTP
    Daniel Bryan: ESFP
    AJ Lee: ISTP
    Damien Sandow: ENTJ
    Dolph Ziggler: ESFP
    John Cena: ESFP
    Brock Lesnar: ISTP
    Kane: INFJ
    Mark Henry: ISTJ
    Paul Heyman: ENTP
    R-Truth: ENFP
    Rey Mysterio: ISFP
    Sin Cara: BOTC(H)
    Triple H: ENTJ

    others that aren't in the company or once were:

    Raven: ENTP
    Iron Sheik: ESFJ and the greatest shooter of all time
    Randy Savage: maximum ENFP
    Kurt Angle: ESFJ
    Goldust: INFJ
    Booker T: ESFJ
    The Rock: ESTP
    Steve Austin: ESTP
    Bossman: ESTJ
    Shane McMahon: ENTJ

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    What about when Hogan turned Heel (Bad Guy) in WCW and was Hollywood Hogan? Would he be an evil ESFJ or a separate type on it's own? Bret Hart seemed very ISTJ to me. He was the traditional establishment character that matched well against Shawn Michaels when DX first started. It was very much honor and duty vs. chaos and immorality. Or when Bret was in a rivalry vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold was the rebellious cold-blooded brute and Bret was again the honorable establishment Guardian for the rules.

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    STone cold ISTJ all the fucking way hulk hogan ESTP brock lesnar ESTJ

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