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    Default Battle Royale (Manga, Movie, Novel)

    For the five of us who actually know about this series, it should be pretty interesting to gauge which types the Battle Royale characters fit into. For those of you within the normal, non-nerdy, sexually reproducing population however, Battle Royale is a bit like Survivor, only instead of being eliminated off the island contestants preferably have their heads blown off with an AK-47 or instead of being filmed on a card-board cutout representation of New Guinea…they get raped. Actually, it really has nothing to do with Survivor at all but I figured that anyone uncool enough to not know what Battle Royale is would need that conformist American security blanket anyway…but I digress. Battle Royale is media series made up of the original novel, the out branching manga, and the more well known movie duology. 42 characters enter, one character leaves; the rest are forced to kill each other in creative and interesting ways. A bit of the ol’ ultra violence, really.

    !Warning: Spoilers up the Wazoo!

    Shuya Nanahara: ENFP. Incredibly idealistic but ridiculous impulsive all the same. Shuuya is driven by his feelings and intuition and must be constantly brought back to both practical and logical matters by the more roughen edged Kawada. Prone to giving cheesy irrational speeches at random.

    Shogo Kawada: IxTJ. Practical. Despite many of his out-of-the-box survival techniques, Kawada is ever focused on the practical matters of the current situation as opposed to the relatively unpredictable future. I’m still divided on the S or N dichotomy though his extreme us of sarcasm, irony, and in tight spaces, leadership ability tend to hint at more of an INTJ personality. Likewise his actual use of Introverted Sensing tends to be minimal at best though his ability to focus on the realistic details of a situation as opposed to Shuya’s more idealistic, holistic approach tends to smell of a sensing personality. He’s probably rather balanced as far as INTJ/ISTJ goes.

    Shinji Mimura: ENTJ. Another fairly obvious one somewhat up there with Shuya. His Battle Royale character profile reads like an excerpt from “Please Understand Me”, describing him as possessing an “intuitive grasp of abstract concepts” with a confident and strong demeanor. Shinji has an almost INTJ-esque habit of coming up with elaborate plans and escape schemes though in almost all such situations, the plans must be checked for its practical fallacies by his ISTP friend. Leads said friend into carrying out a program destruction plan for a good chunk of the manga yet ultimately fails due to a combination of inferior Fe and lackluster Fi.

    Hiroki Sugimaru: INFP. A practiced martial art’s expert who lacks the killing instinct to use it. For the majority of the manga, he finds himself completely unable to participate in the game though is eventually forced into a fight with Kiriyama. Quiet, reserved, and a complete mystery to all except for a few friends, he’s been constantly scolded by everyone, including his martial arts teacher, for “dithering” within his personal life. As with Shinji, this type flaw was ultimately his downfall.

    Note: I went ahead and did my analysis based on the manga incarnations of the characters since they’ve typically been described as more developed. However, feel free to give your take on the movie and book versions as well.

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    I can't remember any of their names. Asian people all look alike to me. Regardless, Beat Takeshi is the shit. I find his other films far better than this one though.

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    Shinji:ENTx(probably ENTJ)

    Haven't read it in a while,so I forgot most of the other character's names...

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    I'm not sure I understand the cult following of this one. I'm only familiar with the movie.

    It's been a number of years since I seen it last. Not much help with the typings.
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