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After studing the matter through many sources I am still not certain.

I think that

1 He was probably too neurotic to really fit with a given type
2 He was probably too much of a genius to fit with a given type

But here's what I think:

E (fairly obvious)
N (by a small margin)
T (extremely obvious)
J (only by an extremely small margin)

and with Jung:

I (extremely obvious)
N (extremely obvious)
T (fairly obvious)
P (very obscure)

actually, MBTI doesnt really seem to fit with Jung's personality. Ironic, huh?

I think the most accurate describtion of Jung is that he was an INTP with dominant Ni
hmm. So we have Jung saying that Freud's system represents extraverted thinking, but we also have freud being extremely sensitive to any criticism, and supposedly quite a different person in real life than in his writings. also, none of his thinking was particularily generative (read *differentiated*).