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Thread: True Grit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modern Warrior Poet View Post
    You just can't replace John Wayne, pilgrim, nough said. Good effort though...
    Are you kidding? I like this version better. John Wayne was really not a great actor.
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    This Coen's remake doesn't impress me very much. It doesn't seem a Coen brothers's movie, I don't know the reason they did this version.
    Not a bad movie, but I don't understand the 95% on rottentomatoes. My guess:

    Mattie Ross: ENTJ (a very annoying young one...)
    Rooster Cogburn: ISTP
    LaBoeuf: ISTJ
    Tom Chaney and Lucky Ned Pepper: very small part, but they seem ISFP the former and ESTP the latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcontent View Post
    This Coen's remake doesn't impress me very much. It doesn't seem a Coen brothers's movie, I don't know the reason they did this version.
    Yeah, everyone said it was a "great" movie, and I thought the acting was good... but I don't think I could ever sit through it again. I guess the story itself wasn't that monumental to me.

    I don't feel like debating "why" i think the characters are a particular type, I'll just state how they scanned to me regardless (i.e., my perception view of them, not my judging view of them) as I actually watched the movie:

    Mattie Ross: ISTJ
    Rooster Cogburn: ESTP
    LaBoeuf: ISFJ
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Are you kidding? I like this version better. John Wayne was really not a great actor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
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    Yeah. His natural attitude and persona were really great, but his delivery was... iffy.

    And I just watched maybe his best role in the Searchers last night.
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    Saw the movie today. I have never been drawn to Westerns & while I love the Cohns brothers humor, I have an annoyingly week stomach. I've never seen the John Wayne version, but I did see the sequel with Katherine Hepburn. John Wayne pretty much plays John Wayne. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. *looks around to see if my dad is near, he's a die hard Wayne fan* Judging from Wayne's performance in that one ( which let's face it is the Western version of "The African Queen" and they didn't even bother thinking up a new plot. Feisty female character's father gets killed, must find killer and this time around a stolen shipment of nitroglycerin.), Wayne plays xstj. Jeff Bridges plays Rooster as a estp. The man never shuts up ( Remember how he kept talking about his wives and such, I'm pretty certain the girl did not ask for his life history. Reminded me of my ESTJ father, he never shuts up either, especially about his "cowboy-like" past. I joke he's the reason I'm so introverted, I can never get a word in when he's around.) Bridges didn't try to be a John Wayne & I'm all the more grateful for it. He needed to make the character his own and I think he did a great job considering.

    I was pretty certain Mattie was istj. She could be an extrovert, but it sounded like she had to raise herself, her brother, and her mother even, and therefore did whatever she had to do to survive. If tapping into her underdeveloped extroverted side got her what she wanted so be it. The more I think about her though, intj does kind of fit too. She could manipulate very well ( Crappy reason for saying she's an N, but oh well.) and I felt it was the principle of what happened to her father. Her father was killed for pointless reasons, dishonorable and lacked morality. I feel that fueled her passion, not justice or revenge. Yeah she wanted to avenge, but there was an underlying honor there. To not seek the justice that was so obviously not gonna happen, she needed to show this would not be tolerated. The girl was quite honorable by offering Chaney legal help. I personally think that's kind of intuitive like, but I've been wrong before. For wanting "revenge", she is quite honorable. Anger & grief can harden you at the beginning and even a strong feeler like me would have Rooster over the more moral marshall that she could have hired, but the girl did end up showing mercy. When she killed it was self defense.

    LaBoeuf: isfj fits. I think it could have been written istj, but Matt Damon played him as a Feeler. It felt like he was the only Feeler in the trio.

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