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    Default INFJ James Jay Lee Discovery hostage taker with bomb

    I'm thinking James Jay Lee was probably INFJ since he had that book club at the bookstore where they read books with a "make the world a better place" theme. He also paid a guy $50 to read some Ishmael book. He organized protests in front of The Discovery Channel headquarters. He's an atheist though so he could be INTJ. He was pretty loud with his "The hell with the troops" poster though, so ENFJ could be another possibility.

    Here is an image of his MySpace, because it was taken down:

    "The Hell WIth The Troops 1-19-2009 James J. Lee - the Discovery Channel gunman"

    There is another video of him with this same poster but the video doesn't focus on him, it rather focuses on someone else giving a speech at the protest and just during some pans you catch a glimpse of James occasionally. I've already spent a few minutes searching for it and I don't feel like wasting any more of my time trying to find it.

    Here you can watch the opening theme he made of the TV show "Race to Save the Planet" he pitched to The Discovery Channel. This is his YouTube profile page savetheplanetprotest :

    He also had another profile with YouTube under the username dcprotests. You can listen to him debating with anti-abortion protesters by watching the video titled "Argument with Anti-birth control protesters outside an Abortion clinic"

    Here you can listen to him argue with a pro-Palestinian protester in this video titled "Church Lady Protests the Jews at the White House":

    At 1:10 in this video you can hear James' sister's husband say that James has been abusive to family members and that his family has tried to get him help over the years.

    It's tough to see him in this video but you can see that he's attracting attention to himself by throwing money into the air: "Mad Money Dash in Silver Spring":

    This article says that ""Your average person would probably call him socially awkward," said Jennings. "Once you start talking to him, he was really nice, he was very knowledgeable, he was very intelligent.""
    He was homeless: "...Jennings knew Lee when he lived at the Cole Block Hotel, just a block away from the downtown Borders store in 2007."
    "He was not mean ... he was the nicest guy," she said. "My son was about 6-months-old when he was here. He would always say, you now, 'If you need anything, just let me know, I will help you out.' He never wanted anything, he just wanted people to get his message."
    ""I have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. I have a device that if I drop it, if I drop it, it will f------ explode," the man told NBC.

    The man on the phone said he built the bombs in about three weeks.
    "I did a lot of research. I had to experiment," he said."
    "She said it was Lee's passion and that, in fact, he moved to Washington, D.C., to have a bigger platform for his protests." :
    "I never saw him 'smiley face,'" said next door neighbor Onnik Mutafian. "[He was] always bitter, always very serious looking.’
    Mutafian says Lee had a soft spot for squirrels. But even that caused trouble.
    "From day one, I had a bone to pick with him. I wanted him to stop feeding the squirrels," said Mutafian.
    He says the peanuts attracted rats, which became a massive problem.
    "’He paid homeless people to protest along with him," McCarthy explained. "He would, as an incentive, if you yelled the loudest, he would give you a bonus of cash.""
    "Lee was also convicted of smuggling aliens into the U.S." :
    ""I know him as being a nice person, and he was against animal cruelty," says Willard Cluff."
    "He doesn't like the way Discovery Channel treats animals. How they neglect them and stuff like that," says Larry Hancock."
    posted on: 02/04/08
    Reply from misterfifteen:
    Thanks! This protest will be very different than other protests you've seen in the past. I don't think there is a need to pass out flyers there, but if someone wants to do that, that's fine. If the media shows up, I doubt any more advertising needs to be done. I'll be giving out something very interesting there that usually isn't done at protests. You'll see when you get here. I've done the calculations and Discovery will give in during the protest time I've set. I can't see this thing failing, so don't worry. We're going to win and they are going to start saving the planet and get rid of their nonproductive, harmful, shows.
    posted on: 02/04/08
    Reply from misterfifteen:
    We're not going near the lobby and don't need to. In any case, I'm sure Discovery will be real friendly to their fellow, concerned, environmentalists and our concerns. Or are they in reality a heartless corporation?
    posted on: 02/05/08
    Reply from misterfifteen:
    posted on: Dear WildNot4long,
    I would REALLY appreciate any help you can give me in any paper you have.
    What is usually not handed out at protests? Money. Money as a reward for the best ideas for saving the planet. Piles of it.
    posted on: 02/05/08
    Reply from misterfifteen:
    Thank you so much. Yes, bring as much people as you can. The ads are being run about 3 times during the work week until the protest. This is going to work. I can almost guarantee it.
    Reply from misterfifteen:
    I'm not setting up a booth, that was just a figure of speech. I checked with Mongomery County and they said that I didn't need permit. But the police might be a little unpredictable in what they will do is why I mentioned the lawyers. As long as we have the numbers and are allowing access to the building, we'll be fine. It's just routine that the police will be there as they are with most protests.
    I hope you can make it. Thanks.

    posted on: 02/03/08

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    Oops! It looks like there is already a thread about this. The only type that is mentioned is INTJ though.

    I have read some speculation that he had Paranoid Schizophrenia, but I think OCPD is a possiblilty as well since Volkert van der Graaf had it. I have read that MBTI is difficult to apply if someone has a personality disorder, but let's say that James was under some magical medication that totally took away his mental illness, or let's just look at James' personality BEFORE he got sick. What MBTI type do you think he was? INFJ? INTJ? ENTJ? ENFJ?

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    Ni Fi loop INTJ, that's my guess.
    Reserved Calm Unstructured Egocentric Inquisitive Clown

    Johari Nohari

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