I think Cassandra Waldon of the first cycle of the American reality TV series "Big Brother" is an INFJ. My second guess would be ENFJ due to ENFJs having phenomenal people skills, and them being crusaders (Cass's career is activism) and she says she has a lot of friends. My third guess is INTJ because she says she was very intelligent with what she said on the show, always strategizing, always preparing for the worst.

I think she's an introvert because she was considered "boring" by many people, as well as diplomatic (she thinks before she speaks instead if just blurting out whatever comes to mind). I think an I is more likely to have "grace" and "maturity" than an E, but of course an E could have heaps of those things too. On the other hand, in her introductory video she says she has lots of friends, but I think this is more due to her being somewhat of an activist and the career she is in (working in the United Nations).

N because her job seems quite challenging intellectually (not that some Ss can't do intellectually challenging jobs, it's just that there are more Ns who would be able to do that job in the UN). Also if you watch her exit interviews, where she talks about racism and such, it's more the type of thing an N would think about.

F because of her diplomacy and tact.

J because of where she has ended up career-wise.

From http://www.news.cornell.edu/chronicl...ldon_lect.html :

"Waldon demonstrated her keen negotiation, interpersonal and communications skills and became widely known by the media and her housemates as "the voice of reason" on the show."

INFJs are known for their charitable work, often "behind the scenes":

"Her most recent achievement was the launch of Netaid.org, a ground-breaking online poverty eradication initiative...Waldon also contributed to the Africare project portfolio by successfully negotiating funding from the United Nations High Commissioner and food production projects to aid 25,000 Sudanese refugees escaping unrest in their country."

From http://survivorsucks.com/topic/7859 :

"cassandra may be the most sane and normal reality contestant of all time. i cant think of any one that comes close"

"and that is why no sane person has been cast ever since"

"She was very diplomatic."

From http://ilovereality.com/Bigbrother/b...s/65/4000.html :

INFJs have verbal fluency: "That is one articulate woman! I wish I could express myself extemporaneously half as good as she does."

"...Cassandra's wisdom, tactful diplomacy, grace, and maturity not to be valued enough by America to keep her in the house."

"Unfortunately, it seems that too much of the public in this country finds wisdom, diplomacy, grace and maturity "boring."

As a psychologist friend of mine says: "From my practice, that's because a large portion of the public has yet to achieve these qualities in themselves...so they simply can't understand these qualities because they don't have the maturity to understand them and find them 'boring' in others.""

"Cassandra's well-spoken and professional interview with Julie Chen was exactly what I had expected from Cassandra...While others called her "boring," "stiff," "uptight" and so forth, I emphasized her intelligence, international experience and her obvious maturity. Even Dr. Drew Pinsky referenced Cassandra's maturity on one live show."

"Cassandra certainly took care in portraying herself well, and it was indeed a good deal in part to the responsibility she felt due to her skin color...How can anybody be so ignorant to say that Cass exhibited "black supremacist behaviour?"...It's irked me all the times I've seen people taking umbrage at Cass "getting uppity" in regards to her race and culture with utter disregard to possibly what might've prompted Cass to speak out." (I'm guessing an ENFJ would have been much more obnoxious and upfront with their afrocentrism and/or antiracism and/or defense of Blackness; an INFJ knows that this "pounding people over the head" isn't received well and chooses a more muted, less frequent strategy of activism. "I felt that the house might not have been ready for everything I had to say also." from her interview at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNEGozOBcK4)

"Cassandra handled the whole Big Brother experience with class and poise."

"I already had a huge amount of admiration for Cass, but after seeing her today, watching her smiles and excitement from seeing her family, hearing her articulate and charming interview...Oh, and as for "you did us proud" - I think her friend was speaking of their family circle, as in you made "us" - the ones who love you - proud, with the way you carried yourself. But if she was speaking of the black community as a whole, more power to her. With all of the stereotypes that still exist, Cass does realize that she's "representing" whether she wants to or not. And she did a DAMN fine job of it."

"after seeing her exit interview tonight, I can really tell she is honest, intelligent, forthright, and most of all respectful. Wow. She expresses herself so well.

I have a concern, however - I am worried about Cass. I think she tries too hard - I guess I mean tries to hard to be diplomatic all the time (even though that's part of her job at the UN) and I think it really wears on her. I assume you know that she gets migraine headaches everyday (something she didn't admit to the HGs until the middle of the show). I'm guessing that the effort it takes her to be so diplomatic is causing her a lot of stress and is manifesting itself in the headaches.

I couldn't help watching her tonight and at the end I finally yelled, "Cass, please stop TRYING so hard! Please relax a little and be yourself." You are loved for the person you truly are. You will feel a lot better physically, mentally, and emotionally."

"Lovely, gracious woman. Her smile lit the TV screen and her ability to articulate without any hesitations was impressive."

"Cassandra you are a phenomenal woman." (I have seen Cafe Press products with "INFJs are an inspiration to others" written on them).

"I have consistently loved and respected you, Cassandra, throughout your time in the BB House, and your demeanour during the interview was the epitome of the show so far. It was awesome, and totally consistent with who you are, and were, during your time in the house. Cassandra, you are an amazing, fascinating, and generous woman, and I hope that your future will be as fulfilling as your past has obviously been. You did ALL women proud, and set a wonderful example to everyone, man or woman, on how to behave with decency and kindness to your fellow human beings. If there are any 'powerful people' reading this, won't one of you offer Cassandra something intelligent and worthwhile, and FINANCIALLY LUCRATIVE to do? My only regret tonight is that you didn't win any money, Cassandra, to help your Mom, in her retirement." (INFJs are caring so it makes sense they would use their money to help one of their family members in need. Also, INFJs have been described as "oozing integrity", which is reflected in the sentence that describes how her interview was consistent with who Cassandra is over a long period of time.)

"You are an outstanding individual and a beautiful woman. You have a heart of "GOLD" and am very glad to have known you. You have a lot of patience. You have grace."

"We want to see you on Oprah -- you could give her a run for her money!"
"They tend to be secretive by holding back and protecting part of themselves, thus creating hidden sides to their personality. They are choosy of what and when to share things and tend to only truly do so with those they trust."

Quotes from BB1 Episode 52 Part 4 (Cassandra's exit interview) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNEGozOBcK4 :

"I did not share everything of myself in the house because I felt sometimes that I wanted to hold on to something for myself"

This quote sounds rather INTJish, though maybe it's just the J of her INFJ speaking:

"I'm a realist so you always need to prepare yourself for the worst. And so I did that every time. But I thought in this case given what Brittany and Josh had talked about at last week's show the fact that at least some people viewed me as someone who's disloyal and who could not be trusted."

At 1:22-2:14 it illustrates Cassandra making her intelligent decision to hold back what she was thinking because she felt that she had to pick and choose her moments to disagree with her housemates.

At 4:33-9:05 you can see Cassandra saying that she doesn't want to fill out he questionnaire because she thinks it's mean-spirited. INFJs are considered the most moral of the types. Then they go through the survey results closer to 9:05, and Cassandra is apparently the longest in the bathroom (INFJs are perfectionists who has high standards, but then again, maybe it's just because she's the only one with dreadlocks and that is the hairstyle that takes the most maintenance).

Big Brother 1 US Episode 1 part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V5bkxbUSWA :

At 7:25 it is Cassandra's intro, where we see that she went back to dreadlocks to get back in touch with herself and that she has lived overseas and her statement "I have a lot of friends whom I love to death" I still think she's an introvert though. Her aunt says that she remembers Cass as a child that she would make up her mind and that there was nothing you could do to stop her.