Hi all

(Sorry if this has already been discussed; couldn't find it in search) Any idea as to the type for Malcolm McLaren - Sex Pistols manager etc. (RIP!)


(0:53 - "Punk rock was an idea, and when people ask me what I do is I try to, um, with all my ability I try to make ideas happen. Ideas that... could change life")
(1:45 - "What made punk rock so fantastic was it was so absolutely true because it, it was wonderful to be able to sell something that... was horrible - it was... this brilliant idea in which we turned, we made ugliness beautiful.")


(In which he goes off on a tangent about a house he moved into in London and about MTV)


I seem to recall seeing him typed as ENTP but can't see it myself, I think of him as INTJ and quite 'Machiavellian', a bit of a mastermind!

On the other hand after seeing 'The People vs Larry Flynt' I had thought of Larry as INTJ but since seeing the real Larry subsequently I could see ENTP (which I've seen typed for him) to be. They are both sort of "mastermind" people in their respective fields but very different!

Any thoughts?