Has anyone this series who has some thoughts as to the types of the characters. Even though I've read the all the books, I'm having trouble pinning down the types of a lot of the characters.

Stephanie Plum: I know she's the main character and all but I'm having a hard time pinning down her type. At first, she seemed like she wasn't the most responsible and kind of jumped into things without thinking and rather ditzy. ESFP? ENFP?

Joe Morelli: He seems like some sort of ST. He was kind a of a wild type, ESTP when younger and has mellowed out and gotten more responsible as he got older.

Ranger: ISTP. I think this one is pretty clear. He presents himself as a very strong and silent type who's rather mysterious yet pretty tough and no-nonsense. Some of his ethics are rather questionable. What do you think his enneagram type is?

Grandma Mazur: ESTP, 8w7

Stephanie's mom: ESFJ? I see strong 6 in her

Stephanie's dad: ISTJ? Type 9? He's never talked about much in the books. He seems to just retreat to the living rooma and watches TV and stays away from all the drama.

Valerie, Stephanie's older sister: ????

Lula: ESTP or maybe ESFP. 7w8.

Vinnie: ????