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Thread: Michael Vick

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    I went to Va Tech during his time there. He came across more as an introvert to me when I saw him around campus. He wasn't terribly bright, but made up for it by being a very hard worker that came across as sincere, reflective, and occasionally rambunctious. He also worked very hard to ensure that he would make enough money to allow his mom would have a nice place in a good neighborhood, and that always came across as very genuine to me.

    I think it was a combination of making sure his mom was taken care of combined with having more money than he knew what to do with that led to his slippery slope.

    I think he's an ISxP. I'd buy either T or F from what I've seen.

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    Id say it also had a lot to do with who he kept around him. I know how that goes. I definitely never saw him as extroverted; especially esxp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZPowers View Post
    Probably ESTP.

    Don't know why people should forgive him. He's a sociopathic dick, good player or not. Polanski is a pedophilic rapist, good filmmaker or not.

    It's often good to separate art or skill from the person, and in this case the skill is good and the person's an asshole.
    Why do you believe that Michael Vick is a sociopathic dick? More importantly, why would any action he committed be labeled unforgivable?

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    I never said it was unforgivable. Few things, if anything, is completely unforgivable. But no, "throws real good" is not on my list of stuff that lets you off the hook for awful behavior.

    And technically, it is true that I don't know that he's a sociopath. Dick is subjective, and I stand by that one. I would argue that spending five years training animals to kill one another in an incredibly, and then watching them kill one another, and then not only deciding "I don't need to do anything about this" but also deciding "oh, I can make money off of this," and making that choice when you are already literally making millions of dollars a year, making that extra income totally superfluous, implying you also ENJOY watching these animals kill and maim one another (also heavily implied in that he ran the ring, not just participated)... yeah, that strikes me as cold, unfeeling, needlessly cruel. And definitely something you'd do if you were a dick.

    But, maybe I'm just one of those absolutely crazy people that doesn't look at living things that are not harming me in any way at say "oh, I bet I could make those things kill one another by treating them in an awful, unnecessary fashion for some years, make money off of it that I don't even need, and probably have fun doing it."
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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