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    Default Tyra Banks ANTM America's Next Top Model

    What do you guys think the MBTI type is of the various contestants who have been on the show? There have been dozens, maybe hundreds, but here are the ones I'm especially curious about:

    Elina Ivanova INFJ?

    Nicole Fox INFP (From Googling, this is the result I read bandied about the most, though I also saw ISFJ on one site)

    Ann Ward

    Elise Sewell (I read on a site that she supposedly took a personality test online and the test said she was INTJ)

    Jade Cole

    Victoria Marshman INTP?

    Heather Kuzmich

    Shandi Sullivan

    Yaya Camara DaCosta Johnson

    Tyra Banks

    Alison Harvard

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    Tyra Banks: ENFJ

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    Tyra seems ESFJ to me.

    Ann is one of my favorites I would guess INTP.

    I don't remember Elyse so I can't say if I think she is INTJ or not. I do think Nicole could be INFP, her personality fits and her facial expressions looked very INFP to me (I know that VI isn't the most reliable, but I think there is something to it at least).
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    Honestly, I find Ann quite annoying and sometimes it doesn't seem that her head takes her too far.
    But anyway, she kind of fits the INP stereotype. She might as well be F or P, it's hard to tell with what we see on the show. All the crying, drama etc don't exactly point to T people being on the show, but she might be one, even though she seems quite emotional.
    Tyra emanates a more ESFJ, ESTJ vibe.

    Nicole also fits the INTP/INFP stereotype.

    I haven't watched other series besides the last 3 ones and I don't remember the girls that well. From this season, I'll take a guess about:
    Liz - ESTP maybe?
    Jane - ISFP, INFJ, INFP - seems introverted, can't tell much about her...definitely not as dramatic as the other girls.
    Chris - ESFP

    I'd want to add that wow, that show is exaggerated. I'm seriously wondering if they tell contestants to be as dramatic as possible. Sadly, they don't really seem to be chosen by their brains...

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    I kinda addicted to ANTM. I haven't seen 14 and 15 because they haven't played here yet (no spoilers! )

    The judges
    Tyra: ESFP (come on, she is so SeFi)
    Nigel: ESFJ
    Jay Alexander: ESTP? (hard to read)
    Jay Manuel: ENFJ?

    Contestants (that I found interesting)
    Nicole Fox: INFP (couldn't be more plain if it was on a neon sign over her head LOL)
    Laura Kirkpatrick: ESFP
    Erin Wagner: ESTJ (she reminds me so much of my sister)
    Jennifer An: ESFJ
    Allison Harvard: INFP
    Celia Ammerman: ENFP
    Analeigh Tipton: INFJ
    Marjorie Conrad: IXFP
    Elina Ivanova: ENTP
    Anya Kop: ESFP
    Fatima Siad: ENTP
    Lauren Utter: INTP
    Heather Kuzmich: INTP
    Jael Stauss: ENFP
    CariDee English: ENFP
    Danielle Evans: ISFP
    Jade Cole: ESTP
    Nicole Linkletter: EXFP
    Nik Pace: ISFJ
    Bre Scullark: EXFJ
    Naima Mora: INFJ
    Kahlen Rondot: INFP
    Eva Pigford: ESTP
    Yaya DaCosta: ENTJ?
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    There's lots of material on YouTube for those of you who are not familiar with previous cycles of ANTM.

    Here is a link to an archived discussion of various contestants' speculated types:


    "Yes, Elise is INTJ (as well as Ukrainian Elina, from Cycle 11)."
    "Elina's J type swampped the poor girl..."
    "Elina Ivanova (NTJ - not sure about your I though)

    NT's want people to know they have a brain - Molly sue - particulalr, but also Yaya,Elina and Elyse"

    I think it's interesting that people think Elina is an ENTJ or an INTJ, because I thought she was INFJ due to her main objective for being in the show being to promote animal cruelty awareness,1:

    "AE: You were very outspoken about animal rights on the show. Is that something you thought about before you went on the show, that you wanted to make sure to mention since it's such a huge platform?
    EI: Of course. That's exactly what I went in there for. It's something I believe in personally and my main goal is to communicate what's important to me and I definitely wanted to mention animal rights. I said to myself, "As long as I'm here, as long as I explain what I care about, I'm OK if I get sent home. As long as I get my message across." I definitely wanted to touch on that subject.
    AE: Was it similar for your sexuality? Or was there a reason you wouldn't want to bring it up versus a reason you would?
    EI: Yeah, I did want to bring it up. Seeing Isis, that inspired me to talk about it even more. Once I heard her talk about it, and anytime I really get to sit down with someone and talk about it and have that understanding with someone, I just want to talk about it even more and open minds, I guess. I want to explain my side and maybe change some views."

    " I was told I'd be a good newscaster or someone who comments on entertainment or politics because I do have a lot of things to say. I like to argue, actually. So anything with open communication on important issues would be great."

    That seems like something an NF would do, particularly an NFJ. An NT wouldn't care if other people's minds were changed or not, would they? I mean, they wouldn't put themselves through the hassle and exposure and potential reputation suicide of going on reality TV just to "change some views". Though the "likes to argue" thing is indicative of INTJs and ENTPs, isn't it?

    She also seems to have some shyness/social anxiety or self-consciousness (INFs are known for this; aren't INTJs and ENTJs supposedly the most self-confident?), as evidenced by these quotes from the AE interview :

    "There were definitely some things about me that they saw in terms of control. I like to present myself in a certain way and not look silly, so that was definitely true."

    " I maybe seemed uptight on the show, and I know I said a few comments that were unnecessary. I don't want to bitch, but I didn't seem like a very nice, warm person. Actually I'm not that tough of a girl; I'm actually very sensitive and very emotional."

    "... I think that if she really just got over nerves and whatever's holding her back; I kind of have that same problem, too, you know?"

    This quote makes her sound like a P instead of a J:

    "AE: You didn't talk too much about your sexuality on the show but how do you personally identify?
    EI: I don't really want to put a label on it. I used to; I just don't really know what I like physically. I'm open to anything and I want to keep it that way. Whatever comes my way."

    Though this quote makes me think she's a J:

    "...this is the career that I'm definitely going to stick with."

    I think she's an F because she cried during the makeover and she cried when she was eliminated. Her causes she holds dear also indicate "F" to me.

    I think Elina's an N because Ns in general are considered "weird", and INFJs especially: Kacey said she seemed like a weirdo to her. I've seen several messageboard posts saying they think Elina is weird, and saying stuff like they like Elina when she's being a normal person (which implies that she sometimes acts like an abnormal person, meaning "weird", I guess). You can do your own Googling for this; there are too many quotes supporting the "weird" assertion.


    The first link I posted has people suggesting Marjorie Conrad is INTP, ENFP, ENTP, or INFP. Marge is the contestant most talked about in that link.


    Also says that ?Celia Ammerman? was a T type: "sent home for being old"??? though you Southern Kross have ENFP suggested.


    As for Southern Kross's assertion that Naima Mora is INFJ, I've read:

    "Naima might have been a T type - took them until the 11th episode to get her out from behind the repression...

    PS - at that age NT's are really uncomfortble with huggy stuff (unless with intimate partners)... they tend to back away or freeze up. Marge was snuggly"

    On the other hand:

    "An INFJ probably comes off as more stoic than your average ENTP, for example."

    "ANTM contestants I'd say were nT's...Naima Mora (might be an ST)"

    Anyone want to start speculating and arguing about the types of Shandi, YaYa, Victoria?

    (I also want to continue discussing the ones we've already started discussing, like Naima, etc.)

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    Here's how I see it:

    I really think she's an NT - she really gives me the vibe. She may express her feelings (and this is a unreliable factor to guage T/F on BTW) but she speaks in a very matter of fact manner and seems to have a rather logical headpsace. And although the whole 'control' thing was gone on about, I think this is emotional control and has little to do with whether she is a J or P (or F or T for that matter). I think her manner is more go with the flow which makes me think her a P. Her quiet periods do make her appear like a Introvert but her mind is very outwardly directed - she is most in her element when interacting with others. Also the overall ENTP description fits her so well in the way that ENTPs are provocative and enjoy to debate.

    I really think Marjorie could only be IXFP. She is so heart driven which makes me feel like she's an F. Also she really struggled with hearing critique and F's are more inclined to take criticism to heart (especially Fi doms). I could buy her as a ISFP but she seems a little too weird to be one. Also the sheer level of introversion and awkwardness seems more like that of an INFP - I think ISFPs are a little more open to strangers. But hey, she's not exactly the most healthy version of my type so I won't push too hard to claim her

    I take back the ENFP for Celia. I think she's totally a ENFJ - she has a measured approach that screams J. I did think she was a T for a long time but changed my mind - however I am still not 100% on her being an F. I've been rewatching Cycle 12 and this time found her more warm, engaging and passionate than I remembered her to be. Watching the bonus footage has particularly convinced me of her being an ENFJ - she has that strong people watching interest which is so ENFJ. She talks several times about how endlessly fascinating she finds Allison's weirdness to be. And the whole intervention she attempted to off Thalia - its such an NF value thing (not that I personally agree with what she did).

    Again I could buy her as a T. She has a cool manner but then again there are plenty of INFX's that totally come off like this. I think of her in contrast to Kahlen - they were very similar in their approach to things but yet there were clear differences. I guess I thought INFJ because Naima seemed to carry herself with a certain grace and confidence that I think of as being INFJ - although this may just be me idealising INFJs.
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    I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas;
    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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    I've been wanting to try typing some of the contestants, and this is the only thread I can find so I'll go ahead and revive it after its 7 year death. I'm probably wrong in a lot of them, but whatever.

    All-Stars Cycle
    I thought they'd be easiest since all of them have been in at least two cycles.

    Lisa D'Amato - ESFP 7w8 3w4 8w7. I see a lot of 7 and 8 in her.
    Allison Harvard - INFP 4w5. 9w1 as a gut fix probably. Could see any head fix.
    Angelea Preston - I find her hard to type and I’d guess something different from each episode. Maybe ESTP?
    Laura Kirkpatrick - ESFP 6w7 2w3 9w8. A very different ESFP from Lisa.
    Dominique Reighard - She was pretty boring here and I don't remember her in her original cycle. She vibes ESFJ 2 or something.
    Shannon Stewart - ESFJ, maybe 1w2 core?
    Alexandria Everett - I’m sure she’s an extrovert but other than that I’m leaning towards Fi-Te?
    Kayla Ferrell - Maybe ISFP?
    Bre Scullark - Definitely extroverted in her original season, and I'd say ESFJ, although she was very withdrawn in this one and seemed more ISFJ.
    Sheena Sakai - ESFP 7w8, although she didn’t seem that way in this cycle.
    Brittany Brower - ESTP 8w7

    Others I Found Interesting Enough
    I'll probably edit my post once I rewatch cycles 1, 2, 6, and 11. I'll definitely try to type Shandi, Jade, and Elina.
    As she was one of my all-time favorites, I remember Analeigh Tipton pretty well and would guess INFJ for her.
    I remember Elyse Sewell too for the same reason and I agree with INTJ, probably a type 5.

    Cycle 3
    Eva Pigford - ESTP probably.
    Yaya DaCosta - I want to say ENTP for her but this guess is pulled out of my ass, I don’t remember this season too well.
    Amanda Swafford - ESFJ 2w3

    Cycle 4
    Naima Mora - I could buy her as a thinker for sure, although INFJ sounds like a great guess for her. Maybe 4w5 9w8 7w6 ?
    Kahlen Rondot - INFP 6w5 with a 9 fix. Maybe 469.
    Christina Murphy - She seemed pretty ISTJ to me.
    Michelle Deighton - ISFP vibes.

    Cycle 5
    Nicole Linkletter - ESFP 3w2
    Nik Pace - I agree with the person who typed her as ISFJ. I could see 6w5 as her core, likely 9 and 4 fixes.
    Kim Stolz - I think she’s a rare ISTP in this competition. One of the most relatable contestants to me. 5w6 3w4 9w8 maybe?

    Cycle 7
    CariDee English - ENFP 7w8 maybe
    Melrose Bickerstaff - ENTJ although I could see ESTJ, probably 1w9 3w4 5w6.
    Amanda Babin - ISFP 9w1
    Michelle Babin - ISTP 9w8. She and her sister were super chill.

    Cycle 8
    I enjoyed the contestants in this season but find them hard to type, so these are probably way off.
    Jaslene Gonzalez - I have no reads on her except that she seems to use Se. ESTP?
    Natasha Galkina - ENFP? I don't understand her to be honest.
    Renee DeWitt - Honestly I'll guess ESTP for her too.
    Dionne Walters - ESFJ
    Brittany Hatch - ISFP
    Jael Strauss - ENFP

    Cycle 9
    Saleisha Stowers - ESFJ
    Chantal Jones - ESFJ
    Jenah Doucette - ESTP 8w9
    Heather Kuzmich - Yeah, she’s probably INTP.
    Victoria Marshman - I think she's INTP as well. Type 5 likely.

    Cycle 12
    Celia Ammerman - I read the ENFJ argument above and I think that's a great guess for her.

    Cycle 13
    Nicole Fox - Yep, she seemed INFP ever since her semifinalist audition with the judges.
    I see her as 4w5 or 9w1, probably 459 tritype.
    Erin Wagner - She seemed ESTJ from the beginning. I’d guess 3w4.
    Jennifer An - ESFJ
    Sundai Love - ISFP? Maybe a more reserved ESFP?
    Brittany Markert - INTJ 5w6
    Rae Weisz - ISFJ

    Cycle 14
    Man, this was the most frustrating season to watch in my opinion.
    Raina Hein - I loved her but I’m not sure how to type her. Maybe ENFJ?
    Jessica Serfaty - ESFJ

    Cycle 15
    Ann Ward - While I could definitely see her as an INTP, I think she’s an INFP. I find her personality really similar to Nicole’s actually, but Ann’s even more feely in my opinion. Probably a 9w1 core.
    Chelsea Hersley - Seemed ESTJ to me.
    Jane Randall - I think she’s an ISTJ, she seems quite Si and tert Fi makes sense.
    Chris White - ESFP 7w6

    Cycle 16
    Hannah Jones - ISFP 4w3
    Jaclyn Poole - ESFJ 6w7

    I didn’t watch the cycles after 17.

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