I think Ferris Bueller was an ENFP as well.

On the issue of his manipulation of people and his seeming use of Fe, i'd say that first of all, when disconnected from their values Enfps can be scarily good at manipulation without the use of Fe. I think its possible that Ferris is a really unhealthy ENFP who is so confident that he can get by fine.

His other qualities such as very good on the spot adaptation and his ability to enjoy himself and get other people to enjoy themselves is also very ENFP.

As for the people he screws over and doesnt seem to care about, i think that is possible for ENFPs to do with anyone they dont know well or empathize with. I know at least in my case that anyone i find rude or unpleasant or cocky doesnt fall into my system of values. If i saw any vulnerability or sadness it would stop me in my tracks, but if i dont see those in someone i dislike i have no qualms in doing anything on the scale Ferris did.

The only problem i have with typing Ferris as an ENFP is that i dont really relate to him, but that could be a combination of A) the fact that hes just a movie character, and B) the fact that everyone IS different regardless of type.