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i will say that your putting this conversation on the right track - for the 5 function theory in relations to "super people" to make sense, it has to consider shadow function relationships....

but i honestly don't know by which shadow function theory to go by.
for example, if you take yourself (going with INFJ):
one theory states your shadow mode is ENFP (same order, opposite orientation).
one theory states your shadow mode is ESTP (same orientation, opposite order).
one theory stated your shadow mode is ISTJ (opposite order, opposite orientation).

some variations of theory 1 & 3 will state that you go into "full shadow mode" in certain times, while others say that you tap certain shadow functions combined into your regular state, and other theories will relate to you as an 8 function person, where the only distinction is the order.

this goes deeper into how you define a function. for example, if i define the difference between Si and Se as "the shape of your S", or - in some takes - "that S would be the shape of your Pe" - then it's a bit like saying whether your bellybutton is an inny or an outy.. having an inny doesn't mean you have an outy hidden somewhere on your body (except perhaps how your belly button might look like from the other side of your skin).
This is a good point. I honestly don't know what shadow theory to trust either, I used to go with option 1 of yours. But my opinion on this constantly changes. I only know the shadow now as a the functions that you don't have in your top 4. Lenore Thompson's 'type lasagne' idea is interesting, whereby she places the shadow functions that are opposites of your top 2 but still of the same side of the brain beneath the top 2 functions, so an INFJ looks like this:

Dominant - Ni

Auxiliary - Fe

Left Brain alternatives - Si followed by Te

Right brain double agents - Fi + Ne

Tertiary -Ti

Inferior - Se

I would explain more about how this system works but I have dinner to go out to . But i'll happily catch up on it and get back to you later.

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and as for the original argument - mind you - spiderman has Se alertness as one of his superpowers...
Hah true!