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    Default Tomorrow when the War Began

    Anyone seen this movie? I really enjoyed it. Anyway, I'm really not confident of the few I typed. This is based mostly off the movie, but also slightly off the books which I read a few of a long time ago, as I think the characters seemed fairly faithful.

    Ellie: ENFJ is my best guess.
    Corrie: Can't remember her very well at all.
    Lee: INFJ
    Homer: Starts off total ESTP, quickly becomes total ESTJ. Not quite sure how that happens, but I guess that kind of trauma could potentially change your type.
    Fi: Um... ISFX I think.
    Robyn: ISFJ... probably
    Chris: INFP, though in the movie he seemed more of comic relief than an actual character.
    Kevin: ESFP

    So yeah, if anyone saw it, or has read the books, what do you think?
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    I read the books, and didn't realize that they had done a movie about it before it was out of theatre

    Anyway, here are my guesses:

    Ellie: A strong ESTJ----I don't know how she can be seen otherwise. She can be quite insensitive of other's feelings, blunt to the core, and not realize she is hurting people. She even made Fi cry once or twice in the books by her insensitivity. Honestly, her Fe is severly lacking; she just says what she means all the time without shuggercoating anything. She is very pigheaded and would never change herself just to get along. Her T is very high.

    Also, I've noticed that she uses Ne a lot, to generate all the possibilities before taking action, and again to have deep sessions of thinking about god, religion, right or wrong. Ne is the third function of an ESTJ, whereas it's only the sixth function of an ENFJ. I haven't seen Ellie using Ni at all, and it would be the second function of an ENFJ.

    Ellie appear to be more S oriented on the whole than N oriented. She is mechanically inclined, likes to cook and even likes to work on the farm while I'm sure an ENFJ or any N type would just see that as a meaningless shore. She mentions many time that she loves action, hates just sitting and doing nothing, and detest watching TV. She mentioned, in narration, that while she didn't wish there was a war, that she was in her element because of being in a situation of action. Also, she is very observant, and seemed to make good use of her Si to me. she prefers the concrete to the abstract.

    For the E, I think it's obvious that she is a strong extrovert. And she above all used her Te, which is the first function of an ESTJ; she used logical thinking a lot to find holes in a plan, to help planning all the necessary items to survival in Hell,etc. It all screams ESTJ to me.

    Fi: so much ISFJ that it hurts my eyes Fi seemed to lack logic and ideas, (all Te, Ti, Ne, Ni functions, which are low in an ISFJ) in the books. She just went along with what the others decided to do. What standed out in her was her strong Fe. She was an extremly nice person, made the others at ease, great listener,never would have hurted a fly. She seemed to avoid conflict, only getting angry once at Ellie in book sixth or seven(don't remember which). She fits the ISFJ profile perfectly, iMO.

    Homer: ESTP? Or perhaps ESFP? I cannot decide...

    Chris: INTP. He was always detached from the others, not sociable at all, caught in his poems or drugs... He was an extreme I. I remember that it was mentioned that Chris was an highly intelligent person at school, nerd-ish. He didn't seem to even want to connect with others at all, which I think shows his lack of Fe. He spend his times thinking, getting depressed, or inventing poems,etc. He appears to live like an extreme N. I got the impression that he was lazy, and inactive. He certainly seems like an unhealthy INTP to me.

    Robyn: INFJ.

    Corrie: ISFJ??

    Kevin: ESFP? Or ESFJ? I'm torn...

    Lee: An obvious INTJ. (Finally one of the few INTJs that isn't portrayed as a vilain, I'm glad!)

    That's all for now.

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