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Si? Was he a walking encyclopedia? He studied one book, for years and devoted his life to this one cause. Even Weak Si would be able to memorize one book if that was all that was focused on..
Not saying you are wrong..
Eli was a walking bible, which is still a TON of information. This would go beyond functions, not even the most Si-est Si-user could memorize every word in a book. Although it is suggested he was chosen by god, or otherwise had his abilities qualitatively increased by god. Eli does fit the archetype of an ISTJ. He's dutiful, very serious concerning his mission, and followed through with his goal. An INFP is sometimes referred to as a 'questor', but I couldn't see many INFPs doing what the character Eli did. They'd probably feel too daunted or get bored half way there and wander off somewhere else. It would make sense that in this story, god would choose some kind of SJ to do this task, because they'd be more likely to get it done.