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    Default Joseph Hellers Catch 22

    I have recently read this book, and I must admit that I was pleasently suprised that I thouroughly enjoyed it. I don't normally go in for satire, not at all my thing.

    Catch 22 though is a very good read, I really enjoyed Hellers writing, and the characters, a lot of whom are people who in real life I wouldn't get on with, were intresting and fun to read about.

    I was trying to work out the various types in the book and came to something of a dead end.

    Captain John Yossarian: IN**

    Chaplin R O Shipman: No idea, Beyond being an introvert

    Conoel Cathcart: ESTJ

    Doc Daneeka: ISTP

    Milo Minderbender: ESTP

    Lieutenant Natley: ESTP

    Lieutenant Scheisskopf: ESTJ

    Major Major: Again, possibly some sort of I but no idea beyond that

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    Oh please suggest characters I haven't mentioned, especiallly Orr, who I totally neglected to mention

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