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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    You mean enneagram 4? Is he 3w4? That would be my guess.
    i think this probably makes the most sense too, which to me, seals the deal for enfj. sx/sp, which could also help account for the seeming introversion, withdrawing quality, etc.

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    I think the main argument here is between INFP and INFJ. Has anyone on here ever considered Se? I mean seeing the guy play live hints amazingly at it. He will always change little things around that is based on smalk sounds. He'll change the way he sings on a song right on the spot like going lower or using screans. I mean nothing sounds like the original recording. Thats adjusting his sense of sound on the spot. Very much an Se thing.

    Even his interest in sports is pretty Se-like. You'd be surprised how sports are such a good indication of Se. I mean you get the ocassional ESTJ as the team leader, but as just a watcher who is engaged in the vibe of sports is incredibly Se-like. You gotta be quick on your feet and get your whole body into it. Can't be afraid to hide up like more Si users. And I read Corgan was into pro wrestling and a few other sports.

    Fe is pretty obvious in his lyrics, but I wouldn't say ENFJ mainly because of how visionary he is with his music. He composes everything and has these ideas thatare based on themes and concepts. I mean most of his musical philosophies, which he is quite active in are Ni based. Its really a number thing. Far more Ni concerned than Fe. Even the way he delivers interviews. An Ne user would be more prone to be bursting with idea to idea. He just wants to reflect his beliefs and maybe throw in examples from here to there. Again, very Se-like.

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