I've been re-reading The Bell Jar over the past few days and wondering what Esther Greenwood and some of the other minor characters' types are. Still somewhat at the beginning so many of the later characters aren't freash in my mind:

Esther: Sylvia Plath was most likely an INFJ, but I'm not sure that this "reimagining" of herself is. Sometimes the character reflects on these tiny little details and memories of her childhood and applies them to her present experience in a way that reminds me of Si. Other times she seems reminiscent of an INTJ. The evident mental health problems don't help really help that much in typing.

Buddy Willard: ESTJ, I recognize this off the bat. He's described as active, practical, and refers to poetry as "pieces of dust." In many ways he reminds me of my boyfriend, with alternating loyal and abrasive qualities.

Doreen: EXTP. Strikes me as cynical observer with a healthy need for adventure/action.

Mrs. Greenwood: ISXJ

Jay Cee (editor for the fashion magazine): ENTJ