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    Default Ulysses, James Joyce

    I think James Joyce and Stephen Dedalus are INFJs

    Leopold Bloom may be an ENFP.

    Molly seems like she may be an ISFJ.
    4w5 sp

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    I totally agree that Joyce and Stephen Dedalus are INFJs..Dedalus, a very unhealthy one at that. I'm not quite sure about Bloom. ENFP is a possibility, but I see a lot of Ni in his thoughts. Although, of course, it's written by Joyce, who's an Ni-dom, so it reflects in his characters' thoughts. I've often wondered if Bloom was an INFJ, with highly developed Fe, making him much more practical, compassionate, and connected to the real world, as opposed to Stephen, caught in an Ni-Ti loop. Molly struck me as more of an SP-type. One thing's for sure, she's a sensor...ISFP?

    I've been trying to see Ulysses in terms of Enneagram too. What are your thoughts on it? Bloom is most likely a 9w1 or a 2w1, but he's grounded in his body and insticts, so I'll say 9. Stephen is either a 4w5 or a 5w4. In the final scene between Dedalus and Bloom, Bloom represents that "good parent" that fours are said to be searching for. I'd like to make the distinction between the two subtypes. Any ideas? Molly is most likely a 2.

    Glad to see this thread. Ulysses is probably the most life-changing novel I've read, as long as you let it. And read it twice.

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    James Joyce - ENTP or INTP

    Stephen Dedalus - INTP or INFP (I know he's Joyce's literary alter ego, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have the exact same mbtis)

    Bloom - ISFP - it is revealed in the last chapter of Ulysses that Bloom isn't exactly the man the readers thought he was.

    Molly - I was thinking ISTJ, she definitely uses si.

    Buck - ESTP

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