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    #1) Mick Foley
    Whoever knows who he is gets a cookie!

    (Don't google cheat until I say "go!". Alright "go".)

    I'm new to MBTI but some things interest me.

    Originally, I was going to put him in some NT camp because I consider him very logical, very "appropriate" and kinda stealthy- he thinks before he speaks and acts; not saying that isn't an NF(P) trait but you know what I'm getting at. ... But then I thought about some of the things that make him himself and they seem very NFP to me. Like turning down guaranteed money in order to be true to himself, his potential and hang out re-inventing himself in a bingo hall. Or his philanthropy and what a big impact working with victims of sexual abuse made on him.

    I've seen one other forum attempt to type him. ...only one person, actually (how many people with an interest in MBTI are going to big enough fans of pro wrestling* to think about this?) and their verdict was INFP or ENFP.
    I'm leaning towards INFP.

    *Some people might find this strange but a great, mega-star wrestler is usually only playing an extension of themselves. Mick Foley is a bit easier to separate out in this way because even when he was still Mankind people would chant "Foley!", his real name instead of his character's name and I think being Mick (the guy) being Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love (the characters) is huge part of his omnipotence and appeal.

    #2) The Marx Brothers

    I don't even know where to start on that except
    Chico: ESTJ?
    Harpo: INFP/ ENTP/ INTP. ...I confused myself
    Groucho: INTJ Massively debatable.
    Zeppo: ES_P
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    George Bernard Shaw in cartoon form.

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