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    Default The Brave Little Toaster

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    You're freaking awesome. I don't know the typings because I haven't seen it in such a long time.

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    This had to be one of my favorite films as a kid.

    Haven't seen it in awhile, but just from a hunch from the video(s) you linked:

    Toaster: ENFP
    Blanky: ISFx (J?)
    Lampy: ESFP
    Radio: ENTP
    Kirby: ESTJ (Te is so obvious)
    Magnet: SCARY

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    After watching a this YouTube - TBLT 3/11

    (its part 3 instead of part 2 of the youtubes).

    I'd say the toaster seems more "In Charge" than "Get Things Going" when compared to the radio or the lamp.

    Toaster: ENFJ (I hate to be *that guy* who claims his own type...but bah)
    Lamp: ESFP
    Radio: ENTP
    Blankey: ISFP
    Kirby: ESTJ

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    Raising the dead to respond to this. This is a direct quote of mine from another forum.

    Toaster - INFJ - In the very beginning of the movie, I thought he might've been an extravert (and an NF) due to his ability to inspire others to take action on their journey. However, he is very clearly "dominated" by Lampy and Radio, leading me to switch him to an introvert, though I believe the NFJ part still holds true. If it helps, I believe his so-ness (Enneagram) makes him appear more extraverted than many INFJs.

    Blanky - ISFj - The only things I am super confident with here are I and F. He is a quiet little guy, and so sickeningly sweet and innocent (makes me want to vomit) that F is extremely obvious. He isn't really the ideas-man, so I think Si suits him fairly well. I am unsure if what I'm seeing is Fi or Fe, though I am leaning towards the latter. Though I typed him as only one letter difference from Toaster, his sx-ness (Enneagram) further differentiates him from Toaster.

    Lampy - ESP - Lampy is very clearly an extravert and not controlled enough to be a J. However, I think he fairly clearly contrasts with Radio in that he doesn't seem to have Ne as his dominant function, making him an Se-dom. I'm not sure whether he has Ti or Fi, though I get an ever so slight vibe from the latter.

    Radio - ENtP - A definite loudmouth Ne-dom and my favorite character of the bunch. The T is just due to the lack of obvious F.

    Kirby - ISTJ - This one is pretty cut and dry and I am most confident with this typing. He's the workhorse of the bunch, not the brains...and that's ok. He knows what has to be done and he does it, whether or not it is enjoyable.
    I could almost see Toaster as an extravert, but I have no idea why people think Kirby is one. If he was ESTJ, he'd be more inclined to want to take charge. He's not like this at all.

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