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Thread: Toy Story 3

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    Senior Member Coco's Avatar
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    Woody: ENFJ
    Buzz: ESTJ
    Lotso: ENxJ... leaning towards ENFJ.
    Rex: ENFP
    Mr Potato: ESFP
    Mrs Potato: ESFJ
    Ham: INTP
    Slinky: ISFJ
    Barbie: ESFJ
    Ken: ESFJ (Not sure about those two)
    Andy: INFP
    Big Baby: ISFJ
    Jessie: ESFJ
    The sad clown: INTP

    I'm not too sure, but it looks like there are too many FJs in this list

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    Coco, I'm still on the Lotso ENFJ side myself. Just because Sunnyside isn't cult-like per se doesn't mean Lotso's totalitarianism isn't transferrable to F. Those xNFJs have an unmatched and uncanny ability to make a terrible ideas sound very appealing, usually inspired by the fact that, when properly misguided, they truly believe it themselves.

    Of course, I'm on the "Hitler as F" side of that argument too. (Stalin is a clear T, though)

    Big Baby doesn't seem SJ to me. ISFP seems more on the money.

    Barbie also feels ESFP, while Ken's a probably more on the J side.
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    Raising thread...

    I've thought a resentful ENFJ for Lots-o-huggin bear too... I was going to ask about this in a new thread but there seems to be a consensus about it in this thread...

    Lotso's story and how he finds out that he's not special and revered anymore...:

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