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Thread: Regis Philbin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liesl View Post
    Very interesting. I've seen other people type him as Fe-dominant too. It's definitely something I've considered, but I still don't see it. Could you elaborate on examples of him using Fe? Maybe I'm missing something you're seeing.

    Ripa is ESFJ. This was her response to the Clay Aiken scandal.
    [YOUTUBE=""]Exhibit A[/YOUTUBE]
    [YOUTUBE=""]Exhibit B[/YOUTUBE]

    This was Philbin's response. Watch from 4:22 onward.
    [YOUTUBE=""]Exhibit C[/YOUTUBE]

    Do you see how the "lack of propriety" seemed to upset Ripa a lot but Philbin couldn't really understand why it was such a big deal?

    But I completely agree with what you're saying about Fe-dominant comedians and their incredible ability to play off the audience's emotions. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are both likely ESFJ.

    I've mostly seen Regis on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" where he really seems to focus on getting in touch with the contestants on a personal level- which is why I've been thinking Fe-dominant. However, his reaction to the Kelly/Clay thing seemed more like an Fi response- he had an idea of why Clay did what he did and that's why he didn't think of it as a big deal. He's definitely not an I though-so I guess ENFP or ESFP- can't decide between Ne or Se.
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    I see both Regis and Kelly as ESFJ. At least that is what their on-screen personalities seem like to me. One is just male and the other is female.

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