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Thread: Lovely Complex

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    Talking Lovely Complex

    Pretty much my favorite series ever. My friend and I are trying to figure out Otani and Risa's type. The other characters too. Anyone have any imput?

    I personally think that Risa is an ENFP.
    Very extroverted, She over analyzes everything (like me), Very very Feeling, and she acts on impulse and makes quick decisions. Love her...

    And Otani? Eh... He's harder to type. Both are so alike that he could very easily be an ENFP as well, but I think he might be a J and I don't know about T or I...

    What do you think?

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    Well I think we can agree that Otani is an INTX.

    Risa, however, is harder for me to type. EN?? Perhaps.

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