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    Trying to figure something new, out. but I think it would be more fun if I can then use, what I have figured out to further my ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    fun depends on my mood.
    Pretty much this.

    The most ESTJ-related things that I find fun are probably the things that involve exerting control over my environment (Te), and those are honestly more relaxing than fun. Keeping in mind that relaxing = fun, sometimes. Some examples of that would be cleaning, sorting, organizing, and planning things out. Making to-do lists, deciding how things will go.

    Other than that, I dunno. I like hanging out with my friends, shooting the shit, laughing and joking and bonding with them. I like movies, I like TV. I like hiking. I like running. I like listening to podcasts. I like doing DIY stuff, crafting or building things, learning new skills.

    I think the commonalities between all the things I find fun, is that I find them either relaxing, interesting, amusing, or all of the above. And again, because I'm an ESTJ, I have to consider those fun things to be useful and/or necessary. Otherwise even if they're fun, I feel bad for having wasted my time.
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    To be honest, I enjoy working on personal projects, shopping, eating takeaway food, trying every different coffee/tea in every coffee shop, socializing with friends or people I don't know and discussing random shit, organizing things that seem out of place, making group projects productive, taking control of things, listening to awesome music, walking, going to the cinema, having fun and a few drinks, making videos, being a weirdo, testing people, winding people up, writing novels/scripts, drawing things from my subconscious mind, playing the guitar, planning trips/projects, reading books, studying MBTI, going to drama group, going to my volunteer group, singing, having long showers, seeing/participating in fights, doing sexual things, talking to my online friends, fixing things, watching old movies, going on day trips, making beats, roleplaying, debating, people watching, cooking my college dinners, trying/learning/eating new things, watching sports and learning about the world through facts, stories, theories, opinions and the unknown.

    Yes, my idea of "fun" is incredibly broad. I don't have one set of things which I consider fun, which I don't see as a bad thing at all.

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    I'm still feeling kind of weird, but I don't think something necessarily has to be practical for me to consider it fun. Sometimes I delight in the impractical and the pointless, and the absurd. I'm up for trying new things and accommodating different diets (up to a point), but some people take this stuff way too seriously.

    I often perform a visual inspection on my poop after I go to the bathroom to see how well I digested a specific meal.

    I enjoy learning new things and skills, even if I won't use them much. I need variety or else I kind of stagnate and get into a funk. But just because I enjoy variety doesn't mean I want to give up or forget everything from my past. Sometimes I enjoy revisiting things, and that's good for me, too.
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    I'm an INTJ 7w6 and I declare that fun is nothing but a feeeeeeling!

    Fun is a thing with feathers.
    That glides on temperamental winds.
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    Hiking, good conversation with friends, outdoor adventures, learning something new.

    I'm currently on a cryptology/cybersecurity binge.

    I think I tend to play my interests more like an ESTP-- get interested, get obsessed, burn the midnight oil learning the overall idea of whatever it is I'm interested in, then, once I have a solid grasp of X thing, get bored and move along to something new. My life is littered with the corpses of unfinished projects.

    It's one of the major reasons I've struggled to finish writing novels. It's only fun while the mystery of what happens is still unknown to me; once I figure out the plot, the story loses a large part of its charm. It's also one of the reasons I rarely ever watch or read something twice.
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