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    The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky (halfway through..)

    Alexey Ivanovitch - INFJ in an inferior Se-grip
    Granny - ESTP 7w8 Sx/So
    Polina - ENTJ
    Mr. Astley - ISJ
    Marquis Des Grieux - NTJ
    Mlle. Blanche - ETP 3w4
    The General - ESJ

    The Fall by Albert Camus:

    Clamence - ETP 3w2

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    Ishmael - INFP
    Ahab - INTJ
    Starbuck - ISFJ
    Stubb - ENTP
    Queequeg - ESFP (?)
    The only way out is through. The faster you're in, the better.

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