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    Default LOST Characters

    I found a LOST actors thread, but I didn't see a characters thread. I'm new to this, so have at it!

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    Write About Here: Lost with Myers Briggs

    Not that these are correct, but they're something to branch off of.
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    Default Sawyer from lost, argument with a friend.

    me and my friend are arguing about sawyer from lost, we both agree that he is a TP, but there is a big argument about him being S or N.

    which is it?
    and please explain why you think what you think.

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    Sawyer ist ein ENFP.

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    I'm not even sure sawyer is a T.

    N? No way. Does he respond to the stimuli itself or to the ramifications and insinuations of the stimuli by nature? The former, completely. N is pretty "mamby-pamby" to him, one reason why he got on Locke's case all the time; he thinks Locke is a complete loon, while N's can recognize what Locke is doing and how he operates.
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    Most of his planning(particularly when he was living with the darhma inituitive) seemed to be more Te based, although Im unsure of N or S. Assuming Te we could say hes one of these:

    Te as an Aux or a Dom





    Te as an Aux



    You should consider that that his previous occupation(conman) required alot of Fe and Te. Fe(to manipulate people) + Te(to organize and plan) = The perfect conman.
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    Default can

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I'm not even sure sawyer is a T.

    N? No way. Does he respond to the stimuli itself or to the ramifications and insinuations of the stimuli by nature? The former, completely. N is pretty "mamby-pamby" to him, one reason why he got on Locke's case all the time; he thinks Locke is a complete loon, while N's can recognize what Locke is doing and how he operates.
    can you explain why you think N=no way?

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    Default yoohoo??

    any one else?? share people share!!!

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    Exclamation LOST Character Typing (Spoiler Warning)!

    Alright, so I'll try type most of the main characters, and offer some sort of brief explanation. I’m leaving out some of the main characters that didn’t have a big part. Seriously, what’s the point in typing Nikki and Paulo?

    Ok so…here we go:

    Jack: JACK – This guy is TOUGH to type. I love his character because he is very complex. At first he seems ESTJ…and then by the end he seems completely different. I think a lot of this might be because of the way he seemed to repress who he was, especially at the beginning. Most of the extraversion I saw in him came from his leadership, so he definitely could be an introvert.

    Locke: INFJ –Another complex character who is a little tough to type, but this seems right. I think he’s an introvert because he seemed to be either by himself or with one other person most of the time. Intuitive because he came up with a lot of theories and ideas that had little do with what was in front of him. I think he’s a feeler because he seemed to make most of his decisions based on how he felt about them, even though he does seem a little cold sometimes. And finally, J because he made actual decisions quickly. I feel like a P type would’ve kept his options open more, and withheld his judgments.

    Kate: ISFP – She doesn’t talk or socialize a whole lot. She’s actually pretty quiet. She seems to get most of her information from what she sees and what she knows, so that’s why I say she’s a sensor. Definitely a feeler if you ask me. She makes decisions based on how she feels. And P because she makes decisions quickly. I know I just used that same reason to justify Locke being a J, so maybe I’m not good at telling the difference, or maybe I’m using the same words to mean something different. She doesn’t really make snap judgments as much as she just acts quickly without planning ahead. That sounds very ‘P’ to me.

    Sawyer: ESTJ – He seems a bit like an introvert at first, but he really seems to have more of an E vibe. I don’t think the guy has any problem being the center of attention. I think he’s a sensor because he’s really good at taking in all the facts and details and coming up with strategy. Of course, I think I remember him taking some intuitive leaps, but he seems too much of a sensor to be an intuitive. I'm pretty sure he's a thinker because even when you clearly see that he is emotional, he doesn't let that guide his decisions. And I think he's J because he always comes up with a plan, and pretty much always sticks to it.

    Hurley: ESFP - I'm pretty sure about this one, but I have been known to be wrong...often.

    Sayid: ISTJ – There is really no need to explain this. What else could he be? I challenge anyone to disagree with me on this.

    Jin: ISTP – A little hard to tell with these two because of the big cultural differences, and the fact that for much of the show, Jin doesn’t speak English, but this type seems to fit him. I’m getting tired of giving an explanation so you figure out why.

    Sun: INFJ – Wild guess. I don’t even think the writers knew who she was.

    Michael: ESFP – Hehe…I’m sorry to all ESFP’s out there. I know you’re not all like him.

    Walt: KIDD – Hey, it works. I liked how he was a lot more mature than his own dad.

    Charlie: ENFP – He seems to like to be social, so he’s a pretty clear extravert to me. He seems to go more off of his intuition than his senses, though I’m guessing people will disagree with me on this. I am really not confident on him being an intuitive. I AM pretty confident that he is a feeler though. Same with him being a P.

    Claire: ISFP – A little hard to tell because once she had a baby, she was very much a mom. The only thing I can say for sure is that she was extremely good looking. In fact, a better personality type for her would be HOTT.

    Desmond: INFP –I think he’s an introvert because he seemed to be OK with being by himself for so long, and he was pretty quiet when he was around people. I think he’s an intuitive because he seems to be more concerned with abstract ideas than concrete facts. He does make intuitive leaps. He definitely has a feeler vibe. And finally, I think he’s a P because he doesn’t really make too many firm judgments, and he goes with the flow most of the time. He is one of my favorite characters so tell me what you think!

    Ben: INTP – It’s all pretty obvious except for the last one (P or J?). At first I was going to say P because I think he's pretty good at adapting to new situations, but he seems like too much of a planner to be a P.

    Juliet: INTJ – Man…this is tough. This is another wild guess.

    Libby: INFP – She was too mysterious to understand if you ask me. So, this is yet another wild guess.

    Eko: INFJ – He’s very quiet, seems to think abstractly, could be T but I got more of F vibe from him. I’m pretty sure about the J because he seems so firm in his decisions. One of my favorite characters.

    Charlotte: ExTx – Seems social enough to be an extravert, and she seems logical. I don’t know about the rest.

    Daniel: INTP – Seems to fit him pretty well.

    Miles: INTP – Seems to fit him pretty we-- what the-- Same type as Daniel? I guess it’s possible, but they clearly are different people. Maybe Daniel is a feeler? What do you think? I have a hard time believing that I’m correct in typing both Daniel and Miles as INTP’s.

    Richard: OLD – Definitely an interesting character, but I don’t think we saw enough of him to really get a good feel for who he is.

    Anna Lucia: UHHH - …you know what…I’m not going to type her. Whatever she is typed as, it would be an insult to that type. Even though she did help Jake and fight for the Na’vi, she was super annoying.

    Phew…that was tough. My head hurts, so that’s all I’m doing. Tell me what you think.

    My favorite characters by the way are Jack, Locke, Desmond, Eko, and Miles; so, they are the ones I am most interested in discussing.

    Now it’s your turn to type them. Have fun.
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    Jack: ESTJ
    Locke: INFP
    Kate: ISFP
    Sawyer: ISTP
    Hurley: ESFP
    Sayid: ISTP
    Jin: ISTJ
    Sun: ISFP
    Michael: ESFP
    Charlie: ESFP
    Claire: INFP
    Desmond: INFP
    Ben: INTJ
    Eko: INFJ
    Daniel: INTP
    Miles: ENTP
    Richard: INFP

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