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Thread: Mean Girls

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    some of these are wayy off
    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    The Hero
    Cady: ESFJ 9w8 So/Sx
    ISFJ 6w7 Sx/So

    Regina George: ESTJ 8w7 So/Sp
    2w3 So/?? (the peeps who made your pastebin site do not understand 2s at all).

    Gretchen: ESFJ 2w1 Sx/Sp
    ESFP 6w7 Sx/So

    Karen: ESFP 7
    ISFP 7w6 Sx/Sp

    Janis: ENTP 8w7 Sx/So
    4w5 Sx/So (not sure of her MBTI type)

    Damien: ISFP 6w7 Sx/So
    4w3 So/Sx

    Kevin: INTJ 8w7 Sx/Sp
    ENTP 7w6

    Aaron: ISFJ 6w7 Sp/So
    9w8 or 3w4 Sp/Sx

    Mrs Norbury: INFJ 9w1 Sx/So
    yes. maybe 1w? and Sx/Sp

    Principal Ron Duval: ESTJ 1w9 Sp/Sx

    Regina's Mother: ESFJ 3w2 So/Sx

    Cady's Mother: ENTJ 1w2 Sx/Sp
    ENFJ 9w1 So/Sx

    Cady's Father: ISTP 9w8 Sp/So
    9w1 Sp/So, maybe INTP?
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    Is it possible Karen is an ISFP 9?
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    Regina: ENFJ

    Gretchen: ESFJ

    Karen: ENFP

    Cady: ISFJ

    Janis: ISFP

    Damien: ESFP

    Kevin/Math team guy: ENTP

    Principal: ESTP

    Mrs. Norbury: INFJ

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    I saw so many people typing Regina as ESTJ, ENFJ, ESFJ, but no one seems to suggest ENTJ.
    I think she is an ENTJ.
    Te – Regina is exceptionally sensitive to what works and what does not, as evident in her tactics. To achieve her own goal (which is to maintain her popularity and supremacy in her school), she has many solutions – keeping a close circle of followers, manipulating others using secrets and emotions, intimidating others, mobilising her own sex appeal, etc.. Her desire to provide solutions is so expansive that she is used to solving others’ problems, like getting rid of Jason’s new girl so that Gretchen will be happy. Eventually this desire to be successful leads her to become a ruthless leader who HAS to be the top dog.
    Fe – There are analyses that extraverted feeling is the dominating function used by Regina since she is manipulative, but it is inaccurate. Regina’s tactics do resemble some of Fe users’ habits, such as giving compliments, but solely for the purpose of manipulating others. For strong Fe users, compliments are used to make people genuinely like them, since the emotional atmosphere greatly affects themselves.
    Ni – Regina is a long-term thinker; her plans never only consist of immediate outcomes. She clearly knows what will be followed by one move, and cleverly utilises the observation to her own advantage. For instance, when she plots revenge on Cady, instead of just venting her own fury towards her frenemy in the Burn Book, she renders the book as a fake evidence of Cady’s wrongdoings. She even stages a riot after school by distributing copies of the Burn Book, and is acutely aware of the consequences, in order to exert pressure on Principal Duvall for punishment.
    Si – There are analyses that Regina uses introverted sensing as an auxiliary function. This is very unlikely, since she rarely trusts in literal information stored in her head. For her, written rules are only for the dumb ones, just like the fashion rules among the Plastics. She draws flexible and random information to ameliorate her own methods.
    Se – Despite its status as a tertiary function, extraverted sensing is evidently used by Regina. She has strong opinions on what is beautiful and what is not (like other people’s dresses), and reacts instantaneously to present situations when demanded. One instance is when she first meets Cady: she quickly solves her problem with Jason, and quickly evaluates Cady’s worth as a friend. (“And you are so pretty… so, you think you are really pretty?”) She can be an improviser when she wants to.
    Ne – The Cady experience is said by some as a manifestation of extraverted intuition, but it is also unlikely. For Ne users, the fun is in exploring different parallel realities and possibilities, but for Regina, she WANTS a friend so she GETS it. There is only one vision of the future for her.
    Fi – The least developed function, introverted feeling is often neglected by Regina. When her emotions indeed influence a lot of her decisions (such as hating Gretchen, being angry with Cady), she is often oblivious to her own feelings, and expresses it in extremely negative ways, such as unfriendliness and revenge. Throughout the movie, she is unaware of how her ways hurt others’ feelings and has essentially no moral standard for her actions. When she learns to express her anger through sports, she is doing better in the Feeling arena.
    Ti – For Regina, understanding the mechanism of why one thing works is not important, since what matters is what works for her. Moreover, she perceives the world through the love-hate filter, rather than the logical-illogical filter, which is evident in her criticisms. (“Boo, whore.”)
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    Regina: ENTJ 3w4 8w7 6w7 so/sp
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    Cady- INFJ 6w7 (6w7 4w3 9w8)

    Regina- ESFJ 2w3 (2w3 9w8 6w7) (less sure)

    Boob girl. INFJ 9w?(1?not sure really not sure) (9w1 4w?(5?) 7w6)

    Curly haired girl ISFJ 6w7 (6w7 2w3 9w1)

    Goth girl ISFP 4w5 (4w5 1w9 7w6)

    Goth girls friend ENFJ 7w6 (7w6 4w3 1w9)

    Math teacher INFJ 9w1 (9w1 5w4 3w2) (lots of infjs Im typing... Hmmm)

    Principal ISTJ 1w9 (1w9 7w6 3w2)(very very unsure, been long time since Ive seen this movie tbh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    I've thought about this too. But I don't really see the ENFP leanings to explore possibilities or the ENFJ leanings to considerate the big picture. To be people oriented and popularity oriented conflicted between conformism and being her true self are typical ESFJ themes.

    Do you know the character of Cordelia from Buffy the vampire slayer? ESTJs are the typical high school queen bee in popular culture.

    She's an ESTJ supervisor, she rule the high school and she supervises it, that's all. She can't prevent her to be openly critical under stress, she's easily seen as harsh and blunt even by peoples who love and admire her while Cady, an Fe-dom, is more suave in her approach.

    No.. Where do you see she's introvert?
    I see Cady as an introvert personally. She generally keeps to herself a lot. She prefers smaller groups of friends to larger groups. She is actually quite quiet throughout the whole movie when you think about it. She's a little awkward in some conversations which seems more of an introvert thing. When she becomes the 'queen bee' and Karen and Gretchen are following her around, she seems almost a little uncomfortable like it's tiring to constantly talk to them. Like when they're leaving school and they ask her what she's doing on the weekend and she briefly says something with her parents and then turns away and then when they pull her back again, she seems almost a bit uncomfortable or tired with it like she just wants to spend some time with her parents but her friends keep pestering her - I feel like an ESFJ would be more chatty in that situation. Yeah she gets a bit carried away with being popular but I don't think that means she's an extrovert.

    I also think Cady is an N. She connects ideas quickly like connecting the similarities between 'animal world' and 'girl world' which she continuously does through the movie. Oh yeah and also when Regina says that girls skirt is really nice and then when she leaves says it looks ugly and Cady quickly connects the dots to when that happened to her. In this way, she quickly generally grasps how the schools social scene works. She's lived in Africa her whole life but being in high school for a few days she already gets a big picture idea of how everything works. Also when she has the plan to take over the school by getting Aaron Samuels and making Regina fat, it seems like an end goal that she can remain focused on. That seems quite Ni to me...?

    Her temporary suction into girl world is through her Fi I think as INFPs really just want to be validated and feeling popular made her feel that. Though she could also be INFJ as it could be her inferior Se which ultimately fails her as it is her inferior and that's why it doesn't work out for her. She tries to be like an Se Dom - holding parties and stuff but it fails. Oh and she has a really specific memory like in the 'limit does not exist' scene and her memories of Africa which seems like an INFP's Si.

    So overall I think INFP or INFJ.

    Regina - ESFJ (look at the funky mbti fiction page on her and it all makes sense)

    Gretchen - ESFJ

    Karen - ISFP or INFP (I say N as she seems quite 'in her own world' a lot of the time and very dreamy and not present. She also has weird skills like putting her fist in her mouth and her boob rain thing which just seem more of an unconventional N than S.)

    Aaron - ISFJ

    Mrs Norbury - INFJ

    Janis - ENTP

    Damien - ISFP?

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