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Why ESFJ? He's way too reckless and uncaring of social order. If anything, he's too dumb to type.

Mandy I've always seen as INTJ because of how much she hates everyone. Functionally, though, she could be ENTJ: she's as much focused on taking charge and aggression as her vision. But I chalked it up to being an 8, not an extravert. And I thought an ESFP-INTJ duality made sense for them since she willingly spends all her time with Billy; she must care about him even if she doesn't show it.

I actually didn't think Billy was dumb.

He had focus as well...as a young person and a paranoid streak which is why I chose that clip.
A positive outlook EP would not have that level of concern for that long that clowns were trying to become the dominant species on the planet.

But can't talk about this anymore or I will start to feel even weirder about myself than I ready do for havingtyped Billy in my mind in the first place.