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Thread: Famous Generals

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander29 View Post
    this i believe!!
    I never learned to play chess though, so xxTJs still have something to be pleased with (there were too many rules... I lost patience)

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    You have to remember though, that by your own reckoning you have a very sharp Ne (Which I envy -- I prefer Ne, but I wish my Ne and Se were as sharp and balanced as yours).
    I use Se (and Fe) in Risk as well... a lot of what I spend my time doing is watching the expressions and minor hand movements of my fellow players to figure out what THEY are thinking... it's a lot easier to play when you know what everyone else is up to

    and people tend to balance out with age... your Se isn't low... it should continue to improve if you nurture it!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragashree View Post
    ESTJ seems good for Montgomery, I'd go with it. He was famed for winning battles with his meticulous advance planning, and an operational rigidity once in battle which often obstructed his own side's progress. He was also a stickler for efficiency, notably outspoken, rigid in his opinions; and so lacking in political tact (Te on overdrive?) that he was often in conflict with his colleagues, and the government went to some trouble to keep his divisive personal views from becoming public, mounting what amounted to a gagging operation against him while he was in high office.

    YLJ, that post was unbelievable! I don't doubt there are a lot of -NTJ generals, but you seem to have decided almost every famous military commander in history must be one on the basis that NTJs tend to make good ones, and that since they are good they must therefore be NTJs, rather than looking at specific personal traits in each case.

    To take one example, the person in your avatar, Murat, strikes me as a classic example of an ES_P. I would personally go with ESFP. He wasn't any kind of strategic planner, but a dashing, impetuous cavalry commander, extremely popular with his men, most notable for charging into battle, often with reckless abandon, and carrying all before him due to his vigorous, inspirational command, personal courage, and ability to quickly adapt to the needs of the moment. Murat's swiftness, courage, and unpredictability provided the perfect foil for Napoleon's grand strategic thinking. (Napoleon was probably indeed an -NTJ, I'm not so sure about the E bit though) He wasn't a sucessful grand commander himself when having to organise mixed forces, I don't believe he won a significant battle in his own right as king of Naples, and was decisively defeated at Tolentino by a weaker Austrian force.

    Don't worry, he probably lost most of his brain cells when he made that post.
    Alot of NTJ suffered from delusions of gradeur (Litvyak in particular).

    I already told YLJ that i have a secret weapon that can prove his delusions wrong, but aparently he is still closed minded and obsessed with his delusions.
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

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    Based on many books I read and documentations I watched about the German Generals of WW2 I would guess

    Keitel ISTJ, Manstein INTJ, Rommel ESTP. Goering is not easy. NT for sure, I would think, the rest... hard to say. Perhaps ENTP. Maybe ENTJ.

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