[youtube=7jxsfsIwc38]Billy Idol - 1984[/youtube]
I knew that Billy Idol was an ESTP, but I was wondering about his enneagram. After have seen that video, I'm totally sure his a 9w8 and probably an Sx/So. He is ravenous and exibit a raw charisma, he is also a little megalomaniac, but at the same time, he is ultimately peaceful, non-controlling and easy-going. See how he answer to the question "are you violent" for example. I've seen him typed as a 8 but I think it's a mistype.

David letterman is usually typed as an ENTJ. I think it's correct, and he seems also 3w2 to me.

[youtube=67VwRMTxzx0]Billy Idol - 1990[/youtube]
I'm also wondering about the type of Arsenio Hall. He's clearly an ESFP, and probably an 3w2 too, or a 2w3, the 7 is also possible.