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Thread: Sun Tzu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    That's really tough, because he may not have even actually existed.
    We don't much know about his ideas outside the field of war and a little politics.

    If anything, he has to be an N, I say. One my feel an urge to say he's T, but an F might very well interest itself in the art of war. Again, I say that knowing nothing of Sun Tzu personally, severely hinders the question.
    # He was real. Perhaps it is hard to gain a view of his personality type if you're just reading the strategies. But this could help:

    He was born during the Spring Autumn period, into a noble family, one of his ancestors was a prince of the state of Chen. His family settled into the state of Qi, but in a non-political role (handicraft industry minister), to prevent any opposition. The political astuteness seems to have ran in the blood.

    In Chinese history, the Spring Autumn period was a time of drastic social, economic changes; frequent military and cultural upheavals, as China was not united under one emperor then - It was divided into kingdoms/states, giving rise to complex political situations.

    His family grew into power, and owing to the influence of his family and the times then, he was interested in military activities since his childhood, and studied to become a strategist from a young age, actually. He was a product of his time, simply.

    He moved to the State of Wu to realise his ambitions of becoming a strategist, and mixed with several scholars and strategists to learn, following developments closely.

    He was subsequently introduced to the ruler of the State of Wu at the recommendation of a friend. He had several friends in high places.

    Contrary to what The Liquid Laser said, he led battles actually. All of his strategies were refined from his experiences on actual ground.

    --> all of these points Ne to me.

    re GZA on peace: His mindset was that peace could only come if you were strong enough to win a war.

    He was a strategist first and foremost - the avoidance of bloodshed was a question of the utilisation of resources, simply. If you could win a war by simpler means, subterfuge, you'd do it, because bloodshed carries a higher cost, in terms of moral of the people, cost of training troops, feeding them, vs for e.g. marrying to form an alliance.

    Tellingly, his life did not end on the battlefield. He quit while he was ahead - he retired from politics in great success when his overlord became more caught up in waging wars and politicking. Some would argue that was the most brilliant move of all.

    I'd say he was never interested in becoming king. His choice was to be the power behind the throne.

    - based on the above, I'd have guessed Ne, Ti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    Contrary to what The Liquid Laser said, he led battles actually. All of his strategies were refined from his experiences on actual ground.
    I never said that he didn't fight (quite the opposite in fact). What I said is that the "Art of War" focuses more on what to do before the battle starts. It talks about how to win the battle before any blood has even been shed. I think all of this preparation, maneuvering, and subterfuge is indicative of the INTJ mind more than any other.
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    xSTP... He had to much balls to be an INTJ, my perspective of INTJs IRL are basically: Chicken web shits who don't dare say shit irl because they just hit anything around them and are quiet. On the internet: "I'M THE OVERLORD, I CAN SEE EVRIMOVE COME AT ME".
    Sun Tzu was quite aware of his surroundings, he was very intact with it. It's just wether he was an ISTP like Miyamoto Musashi...
    eyy, dat's pretty guud.

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