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Why I for the Puss? Or E for Fiona? Or T for the Gingerbread man?
As for Puss ... I don't know, really. I remember him seeming like an Introvert, but on second thought, he had a very developed Se and he displayed a fair amount of Extroverted traits. ESTP is probably more accurate.

Fiona's certainly not a strong E, and she could be an I, but I think that she's Fe Dominant. I don't remember detecting much Si from her.

Underneath his cute Fe exterior, Gingy had a cunning, mischievous side to him. I just can't imagine him having Auxiliary Fi. ESTP fits him better than any other type I can think of. (He's one of those characters that doesn't really fit the mold of any type, though. A lot of cartoon characters are like that.)