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    Such a motley group of deviants and criminals might seem a daunting task to type, but I really feel that of all of them, only Lester (Bullseye) is too psychotic to properly type.

    Daken -- ENFJ. I typed Daken as an ENFJ, albeit an unhealthy one, because ENFJs are people persons with charisma to burn. The unhealthy ones can be scheming, passive aggressive, and seductive. The unhealthier they are, the more their charisma turns into manipulation, as they play with the people around them like puppets on strings.

    Lester/Bullseye -- ISxx. Too psychotic to type, really. I think he's definitely an Introvert and a Sensor, as he comprehends the world around him based on his senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight. Lester's an in-the-moment kind of person.

    Mac/Venom -- ISFP. Seems to fit Mac with his self-confidence issues and social anxiety. Unhealthy ISFPs are prone to seeing themselves as the victim and blaming others, and when under stress can erupt in rash displays of anger and eccentricity (he can get so irrationally angry that he'll drop whatever he's doing and jeapardize everything he's worked for for a shot at someone he hates). I think he's an emotionally unstable ISFP who's been warped and worn down by life.

    Norman/Green Goblin -- Paranoid schizophrenic ENTJ. Norman is an obvious Extrovert and his personality just oozes ENTJness. They're born leaders with powerful, arrogant, ambitious personalities and a gift for warping any situation to their benefit. Norman tends to bulldoze over the quieter personalities around him.

    Karla/Moonstone -- INTJ? She's certainly a self-confident, intelligent person.

    Ares -- ISTJ. His relationship with Alexander makes me type him as an ISTJ, a type who can have profound feelings but little ability to express them. ISTJs have a strong sense of duty and are determinators, not a type prone to giving up when faced with adversity. They're also blunt to the point of being rude. ISTJs are also a rather masculine type which certainly fits the God of War.
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