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Thread: HEROES!

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    My "typings":

    Peter- INFJ
    Hiro- INFP
    Sylar- INTJ
    Nathan- ESTJ
    Claire- ISFP
    Noah- ENFJ
    Ando- ISTP
    Mohinder- INTP
    Matt- ISFJ
    Angela- INXJ
    Adam- ESTP
    The MBTI is a tool to help you on your self discovery. It nor any other the label can ever hope to describe you, because you are are unique and special, we all are. Any comments made regarding a group of people should be considered to be general and not ubiquitous; and no one should lose of sight of that. . Do not stereotype other people or yourself for that matter, but generalise if you must when a general example or pattern is required. And if you took the time to read this thank you

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    Are you sure Micah isn't ISTP? He seems to be more interested in the 'hardware' of computers. His 'power' is to entirely bypass the 'software' aspect.

    Same with Sylar. The mechanics of watches are a very SP occupation. In fact I would suggest that his entire motivation is a drive to feed his Se.

    Hiro seems FJ to me. Primary concern is honour, supported by his crazy fantasies about being a superhero. Peter is more FP than he is.
    The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together. ~ rCoxI ~ INfj ~ 5w6 so/sp

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    Milo - INFJ
    Masi - INTP
    Ali Larter - ISFP
    Hayden - ESFP
    Zachary Quinto - INTJ

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