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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabbathhhank View Post

    That's all I can think of at the moment
    Jimi Hendrix and Billie Eilish are both ISFP, the Mija girl seems like one too, you should consider that if you're still unsure !

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    Real people
    Nietzsche- I wouldn't know the type, I've seen him typed as INTJ, INFJ, INTP; INxx for sure. Anyway, reading his writings I was surprised how many of his ideas and considerations sounded similar to my own.
    Ernest Hemingway- ESTP? ISTP?
    Stephen King- maybe INTJ? I'm really not sure

    Fictional characters
    Mulan- ISTP? ISFP? More likely ISTP, I think. I think it's the fictional character that I see most of myself in
    Eowyn (LOTR)- ISFP
    Kyoka Jirou (BNHA)- ISTP, but I've also seen her typed as ISFP
    Keith (VLD)- ISFP, but I've seen him typed as ISTP as well
    Zuko (ATLA)- I've seen him typed as pretty much every introvert type possible. Personally, I think he's an ISFP

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    The character Erika from the movie La Pianiste, who I think is an INTJ 5w4 and so last. We have similar parents in that they are invasive and try to suppress our wills. I related to the walls that she built around herself and somewhat to her masochistic ways. I don't relate to her completely but there were enough similarities to the point where the movie holds a lot of personal value.
    Amelie (INFP 9w1 sp/sx). Reserved and mischievous and I to like to enjoy the simple pleasures too.
    Sometimes I wish I was the Alien from Alien. That thing does what it wants. I do too but I wonder how my life would be if I just steamrolled through things to achieve what I want like that with a lot of force and endless energy. Admirable creature in a way.
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    Real people:
    Key from SHINee, an ENTP (I believe)
    J-Hope from BTS, an EXFJ
    Edgar Allen Poe, an INFJ

    Fictional characters:
    Bod Owens from The Graveyard Book, an ISTP
    Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), an NT of some sort. Let's go ENTP. Him being an INTJ is a little cliche
    Iceland from Hetalia, an INTP
    Victoria McQueen from NOS4A2, an ESFP
    Tally Youngblood from the Uglies series, an INFJ
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    Real people- Stephen King, though he's INTP, most likely.

    Fictional- only ever partially, and only under certain circumstances:

    April Ludgate from Parks & Recreation, though I'm a bit warmer, probaby. IxFP
    Amelie, though I'm loathe to admit this one since it's a bit of a stereotype for INFJs to relate to. INFX
    Danerys Targaryen, (pre-crazy) - XNFJ
    Danny Torrance from The Shining & Doctor Sleep INFJ
    Fox Mulder, The X-Files INFJ

    There are probaly others, but there's never been one character or person who I could relate to more than say, 50%. Not because I'm anything special or unique. Certain things just don't always fit, I guess.
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    Fictional Characters
    Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, ExTJ
    Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender, INFJ (My friends say I'm a crossover between Sokka and Iroh)
    Tyrion from Game of Thrones, ENTP
    Mouse from Ladyhawke, ENTP
    Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec, ESFP

    Real People
    Serge Ibaka, ESFP (I think)
    Manu Ginobili, ENTP
    Salvador Allende, ENFJ
    Donald Tusk, ENTP
    “When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” - Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

    "The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome. The ride is a lot more fun that way." - Phil Jackson, Eleven Rings

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    Morgana Pendragon (Merlin) - ENFJ 3w2
    Lila Rossi (Miraculous) - ENFJ 3w2
    Alejandro (Total Drama) - ENFJ 3w2
    Heather (Total Drama) - ENTJ 3w4
    Azula (Avatar The Last Airbender) - ENTJ 3w4
    Cozy Glow (MLP) - ENFJ 3w2
    Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa) - ENTP likely 7w8 (I see people type her ENFP all the time but she seems unhealthy Ne-Fe to me)
    Duchess Swan (Ever After High) - ENTJ 3w2
    Carla (Elite) - ENTJ 3w2
    Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) - ENFJ 3w2

    Huge pattern of ENxJ 3s ahha. Not doing IRL people because there isn't that many I could think of.
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    Real Characters:
    -Omar Ibn Khattab. ExTJ.
    -Abū Sulaymān Khalid ibn al-Walid. ENTJ.

    Fictional Characters:

    -Erwin Smith, from Shingeki No Kyôjin. ENTJ.
    -Reinhard von Lohengramm, from The Legend Of The Galactic Heroes. ENTJ.

    Most other fictional ENTJ characters are just too arrogant instead of focusing on being useful or do their thing. I did relate to Lelouch and Yagami Light in the past. Maybe I'm more humble now, maybe not. I don't care.
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    Ciel Phantomhive. I always keep going back to Ciel Phantomhive. A lot of other characters aren't as close, or were only initially, and superficially similar.

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