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    Okay I can definitely see her being an INFP, she just has such an extraordinary gift for visual representations of things that I thought she might be Se-Ni. But off of only interviews, I might bet INFP.

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    No one exactly that I can recall off the top of my head but for now I'd say:

    Anna Kendrick - I reckon ENTP. Found her so easy to like cos she's so relatable for me, defo more outgoing than I am tho.
    Hong Jinho - INTP most likely. Binge-watching The Genius and Crime Scene for him, he's smarter and a bit cockier than me but I see similar traits.

    Rumpelstiltskin from OUAT - IXTJ probs. Haven't watched the show in ages actually but he's probably closest to the villain I would be if I was one.

    I'm probs missing like two relatable people tbh.

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    I was the shadow of the waxwing slain
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    For Celebrities:

    Demi Lovato. Sometimes I feel like she's actually me... I'm pretty sure she's an ENFJ herself. (16 personalites lists her under ENFJs but I can't really find any other opinions) I can always relate to her music and what she's going through, and she even speaks out on all of the same issues I'm passionate about. Mental health, equal rights for women and LGBT, etc.

    Britt Nicole. Not sure what her type is (probably NF) but again I can relate to her music very well and it's helped get me through a lot of things. She's also very inspiring and gives speeches that really hit close to what I got through.

    Fictional Characters:
    I really love Ashe from Final Fantasy 12. I've seen her typed as ESTJ, which I can agree with. I love her sense of honor and duty for her country, and how she was able to stay strong through the death of her husband. She also struggles with temptation in wanting power from the Nethicite to make things easier for her, even though she knows the repercussions that come with it. She also gets falsely accused of being power hungry etc, when really she just wants to help her people.

    Dana Sully from the X Files, INTJ. I love how she's a skeptic but still not completely closed off to the idea of supernatural phenomena. Some of the episodes center around her religion as well and it's always very introspective to see the way she handles things. She says things that I would say, too.

    Amber from House MD, ExTJ. I'm not sure what her type was, but I'm so sure she's an enneagram 3. I was SO UPSET when she was off the show. She was willing to do anything to get to the top, but also genuinely cared about her patients. She was always trying to figure out the best way to present herself to everyone to get what she wanted, while still maintaining true to herself. Though she was much more blunt in her way of doing it, I'm guilty of doing this as well occasionally. She's like the extreme exaggerated 3 which made her really interesting.
    "Everyone wants it, few put in the work. Be different." - Britt Nicole

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