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    I agree with most of Orangey's list, except for Hera (ESFJ) and Ares (ESTP).
    Hermes is an ENTP.

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    Here's my go at this, I agree with much of what is being said, btw.

    I just want to focus on the goddesses for now because I think I know them better.

    Athena: ENTJ (Check)
    Artemis: ISTP (Check)
    Hera: ESTJ or ESFJ (Unsure) (Leaning toward ESTJ)
    Persephone:INFP (Check)
    Aphrodite: ESFP (Check)
    Demeter: ISFJ or ESFJ (Unsure)
    Hestia: INFJ (Check)

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